Sunday, April 29, 2012


The best days sometimes don't go according to plan! Wonder Daddy and I had big plans for all the chores we'd get to. I woke up to the sound of Ernie making breakfast- dry toast for everyone, and big glasses of milk! I think I need to get more butter out of the freezer :). I added homemade yogurt and a jar of last summer's peaches. I spent the rest of the morning at the local store, getting groceries and trying on clothes. After trying on (seriously) thirty of the same item, I finally found one that fit. It buckled. It didn't gap weird. Aargh. Haha, glad the kids weren't with me!!

We all went for a surprise visit to my husband's grandparents- we like to help with their yard work, but they rarely ask for help. We arrived just in time to grab the mower from Grandpa, he'd made one pass around the lawn perimeter. I stole Grandma's gardening gloves and the girls and I pulled some weeds. It was a nice visit. We came home for our own yard work time, and Wonder Daddy and the girls ran to town to pick up Five Guys for dinner. The Best :)

We finished the day by watching The Muppets movie. It was cute! So, good day.....and we didn't accomplish NEARLY what we thought we would!


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Aunt LoLo said...

Aren't those the best days?