Thursday, April 19, 2012

April 19th

Some things that are making me happy-

We had a bit of sunshine yesterday, and I found enough seedlings big enough to fill a small army of cups.  A little militia, if you will.  One particular kind of tomato is really shining so far- the Stupice, a slicing-type.  I potted up a fair number of tomatillo, and a few other random tomatoes.  Slow starts this year, but we still have time!

It's Spring, which means a few of my favorite pieces come out of storage!

flower garland

Bobbi's darling garland.  First time it's lived on the chandelier- it makes me happy!

piano top vignette

 I love this little vignette that happened on top of the piano.  The silk lilacs were a gift from a neighbor, the doily was my grandmothers, and the little Willow Tree girl was a gift when I ended my time as president of the women's organization (Relief Society) in a ward, and the picture of the temple was a graduation gift from my youth leaders.  My parents, my sister, and myself were all sealed in that temple.

Daddy put Cocoa to sleep for me

My husband is a saint.  Cocoa has been so incredibly fussy at night (he has a monster cold coming on.)  Last night Cocoa was up about every hour and a half between 9:30 and 5:00.  The night before, between the 3 kids I was awake...12 to 4?  I forget.  Cocoa also needs to figure out how to eat more- he woke up this morning and had an enormous breakfast, I think he was just hungry last night.  To say that he eats mostly me is not an exaggeration- he just started putting food in his mouth a few months ago.  After 14 months of his life, my body is finally leaving the survival mode of having a newborn.  My goodness.  You know it's been since....April 2010?  I can't HANDLE the hormones!  (And he needs to learn to handle my rapidly decreasing milk supply.)

Someone was asking what Ernie is studying in school right now, so here's a run down of what our first grader is studying this week:

  • Spelling: words ending in -y (why, my, fly, multiply) and -ed (snacked)
  • Handwriting- we've finished block printing, and gotten through almost all the cursive letters now and are joining them into words and sentences.  This is hands down her least favorite subject!
  • Writing: She writes something in her school journal every day, either a note to a "friend" or something relating to what we're learning.
  • Computer Skills- Her last lesson was on mousing over, windows, desktop, etc.  
  • Social Studies- civil liberties like segregation and suffrage.  Historical figures that go along with those, like Susan B. Anthony and Martin Luther King Jr.  We've worked from the revolution up to the civil rights movement, and major players along the way.
  • Science- we're studying matter.  We've looked at solids, liquids, and gases, and their properties.  We're working on changing matter right now- a salad can be taken apart, but Kool-Aid can't.  You can't fix burnt bread (but she says you can make another batch :)
  • Reading- I kind of ignore the phonics reading, but she's burning her way through the American Girls series.  6 of those books take her about 2 days.  We started with Addy, when we studied the underground railroad.
  • Math- she's learning how to add money.
  • Grammar- how to use "is" and "are."  

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Alexandra said...

I think I'm still recovering from childbirth and it has been six years. lol. It about killed me.

Interesting what Ernie is studying. Mine is almost midway through the Learning to Read program (ten sections in all). She has turned a corner in the last month, and is now speeding ahead. We had been slogging through the beginning for the longest time. She may move into second grade at the end of the summer. If not, it will be close. She's bright, but very active! It's hard to get her settled and focused, but that will come with maturity.