Monday, April 23, 2012

Fainting, A Taco Truck, and Lots of Fried Chicken

The weekend in review:

  • Friday morning, Wonder Daddy called me: "I passed out on the bus.  Could you come pick me up at work?"  Oh YES I can- sheesh!  He scared the fellow passengers to death- one woman offered to walk him from the bus stop to work, just to make sure he didn't hit the ground again.  We're voting overheating- he rode his bike to the bus stop on this end.  Good news is he was still wearing his helmet on the bus...but that's probably why he overheated, along with his gloves, jacket, etc....all on a muggy bus, on a rainy morning.  Ugh.
  • Friday evening, Wonder Daddy and I hit the road for our date night.  BEST DATE NIGHT EVER.  Seriously.  We hit the largest Goodwill store I've ever seen in my life.  I found a kitschy hanging fruit basket- you know those three-tiered mesh ones?  It was on my wishlist, and BOOM there it was.  We found a smaller bike for our bike-phobic daughter (who now is a bike riding fiend.)  And.  And.  There was a taco truck in the parking lot, and I had the best torta ever.  So good.  So, so, soo good.  (I promised my brothers, and I'll promise you: I am not pregnant.  The sandwich was just that good!)  
  • Saturday, the girls spent 11 hours outside.  WOAH.  I got a bunch of weeding done, and some seedling transplanting done.  (Local folks, let me know if you want to get on the e-mail list for these- I'm selling seedlings fifty cents each this year, to cover costs, so I can share them with MORE folks!)  
  • My brother came to town for the weekend- I swear he grew about half a foot since I last saw him.  We brought buckets of fried chicken, biscuits, and all the trimmings (thank you KFC) to the local park and watched the kids run themselves ragged.  I played frisbee with my little sister.  It was a good, good night!
  • Sunday was normal church.  We all attended (a rarity in the cold and flu seasons, I don't like taking sniffly kids to the Primary).  My folks, and a sister and brother came over for dinner- we bought so much chicken on Saturday, we're still eating leftovers.  Yum!  
Family dinner while Richard is in town

Will you just LOOK at Mimi in that picture?  She was just not going to smile.  Nothing doing.  Each progressive photo got a bigger and bigger glower.

 Top row is Ernie, my mom, me, and my little sister (Aunt Bert) and Mimi.
Bottom row is Wonder Daddy, my dad, Cocoa, and my brother Uncle Rich.
(We're just missing Lolo's family and my little brother (Uncle Bear)

(Very good if you noticed we have a Bert AND an Ernie.  Ba dum DUM!)

just the girls



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Bobbi Lewin said...

Yay for thrift stores! I'm jealous of your seedlings. I got home to find my raised bed full of grass. I'm trying to work up the energy to get out there and pull it tonight. On the good side, the rhubarb is huge, I still have chard from last year growing, and the parsley reseeded and is coming up all over!