Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Gray Day

A gray, warm, day. (Our cloud cover acts like a cuddly blanket.). A good day for sharing cookies! Ernie lifted Cocoa up by herself so she could share the last Anzac biscuit with him, I thought that was sweet, awwww. He's teething right now, and a little extra fussy and want-y. Poor guy. At least everyone slept well last night... A few nights ago I woke up to Mimi screaming her head off. She said she saw a bee. At 2:30 am, in a dark bedroom. Yeah. I had a hard time falling back asleep after that scare! I thought at least she'd gotten her head stuck under the bed (again.)

Ernie has a new gap in her smile, did you notice? That poor tooth was dead dead dead. Turning brown dead. It simply wouldn't come out though! A kind dentist dabbed her with anaesthetic while she watched Mickey Mouse, and tapped her on the shoulder to say "Look what I've got!". Then that poor girl lost it at at home. She was heart broken, but I assured her the tooth fairy would understand. (She found a quarter in her tooth box the next morning.)


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