Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter

Easter Morning

Ernie, Wonder Daddy, Cocoa, Mimi, and Myrnie

Easter Morning

Mimi and Ernie

Easter Morning

Cocoa, flanked by his sisters (his dad has *just* ducked down behind the couch while I clicked the shot!)  He is SO done with this photo shoot!

What a weekend!!!  You should know the conclusion: 30 chocolate eggs, a dozen peeps, 1/2 pound of See's chocolate, 1 lb. of jelly beans, 4 packages of cookies, and two cakes are sitting in my kitchen.  Right now.  Plus a few handfuls of assorted candies.  Something is going to have to happen soon, because turns out that Wonder Daddy and I have the willpower of jellyfish, and "Mom can I have a _____" is just about every other sentence out of my kids' mouths.  Wonder Daddy is all for letting the kids have a free-for-all on the goodies, so they burn out in a day or two, and we can quietly get rid of it.

Friday, my sister and I took our younger kids to an easter egg hunt- seems like a common rule around here is that you can collect 12 eggs, and you're done.  I like that no babies get trampled, and everyone gets something.

Easter egg hunt at Grandview Park

Saturday, we surprised my dad with some birthday goodies in the morning.  He's a business genius.  Seriously, it's just this innate talent he has to pick and run successful businesses.  He also has a very strong personality.  He used to work for a company whose company logo looks suspiciously like the Death Star (from Star Wars fame).  (Go look at AT&T's big blue ball of a logo, and tell me it's not the Death Star!!)  So, obviously, the man needed one of these.

Mr. Potato Head - Darth Tater

Meet Darth Tater.  Dad's newest desk toy.  I'm sure he was thrilled ;)  (Photo from here)

Wonder Daddy took Ernie out for an adventure around town, while the young kids and I chilled at home.  That evening was the big Easter concert we've been rehearsing for the last two months.  Man, was that fun!  Full orchestra, nice big 'ol choir, and I got to play piano for it all.  Lucky duck!  I hope they invite me back again some time, just too much fun!  My beautiful sister and her husband had a wonderful duet bit together, and my husband was in the choir.  A HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to my parents for watching the kids all those rehearsal nights, and to my siblings and parents for tending to the kids during the show!!!

easter music

Easter Sunday, the kids found a new balance bike and a light bright waiting for them (and a photo album ready to be filled).  They found all the chocolate eggs the bunny hid around the house, and we got ready for church.  The sacrament meeting was beautiful- lots of music!  Wonder Daddy took the two little (who are snotsy right now) home so as to not infect more of the Primary kids, I taught my little 7-and-8-year-olds.  I spent the afternoon tidying and cooking, and the whole family came for dinner- 21 folks for dinner is no laughing matter, but I love that we always do potlucks!  I also love that I cooked 3 grocery sacks of kale from the garden, with a few cloves of elephant garlic harvested last summer.  They were funny to harvest- they'd grown into TREES.  Seriously, the trunks were almost 2 inches across.  Crazy.


J. said...

I envy your garden. I'll have to check out elephant garlic. I'm still too new at all this to know all the great variations. My friend recently told me about biochar. I wrote about it on my blog but it might be something you'd like. There's lots of online resources. I can see a lot of applications for it from my desert hometown to some of the countries we've lived in. Love the photos too.

Teresa said...

Beautiful family-

What I Did Today said...

You guys are so good lookin'! I looooooove Cocoa's outfit. To die for. And seriously, what is with all the Easter candy?!?! It's worse than Halloween this year!