Saturday, January 28, 2012

Planning the Master Bedroom

We're getting a new mattress for our master bedroom soon (woot woot for King size bed!) and this...will create a whole domino of changes.  I'm kind of really excited.

We'll get the King bed, the girls will get the queen bed with a trundle (and the baby's room), Cocoa will move into their old room (and one of the old twin beds will stay there for later) and I really....REALLY...want to make this the point in time that I finally make our bedrooms look nice.  I am a completely utilitarian person, generally.  I stick books where I need them, I staple posters to the wall if they'll come in handy for school, and all my furniture is either from Freecycle or hand-me-downs.

These are some ideas for the Master- what do you think?  Do you have "nice" bedrooms?

I love the branches in the corner of the room- goodness knows we have lots of those lying around the yard.  I could totally do this.

I'm kind of obsessed with this bed and bedroom.  I love the plain walls, the off center and chunky art, the low bed, and the perfect and messy and oversized coverlet.

This platform bed and headboard are from Ana White (follow the pin.)  If you DON'T know her, she posts furniture building plans that are just amazing, and she's opened it up to users to upload their own plans too.  Lots of stuff over there- Wonder Daddy loves wood working, this bed was actually his idea.  We'll have a steel frame for the mattress, so this project is definitely down at the bottom of the to-do pile, but what a great bed!


Anonymous said...

I think it's important to have a nice bedroom. Mama needs somewhere nice to escape to every once in awhile. :) It doesn't have to be spendy to be nice either.

Sam said...

I really like all three of those, though I don't have a "nice" bedroom myself. It's funny, I especially like the twigs, though I could totally picture myself stumbling eye-first into them when I am bleary in the morning. Yep, that would be me. :)

Alexandra said...

I love those! We have a low bed as dust bunnies and I liked it when the children were younger - safer. I covered a box spring with a solid sage colored fitted sheet which is directly on the floor. It looks like a platform bed. I made one for my daughter with untreated pine lumber from Home Dept - so easy. Just use deck or drywall screws, not nails, or the entire thing will fall apart.