Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Creative To-Do List

mama and baby doll

Sewing:  I really enjoyed making my big mama doll over the holidays, I definitely want to get back into sewing this year.  My to-do list from Growing Up Sew Liberated:

  • envelope tees for Cocoa
  • bubble pants for Cocoa
  • cross over tees for the girls
  • play capes for EVERYONE!  (Say that in a bravado voice, please.)
  • play tent (this would make a serious dent in my too-big stash of solid, neutral, fabrics!)
From Bend the Rules Sewing:
  • Woodland Elf hat for Cocoa (soon!)
  • Mixy-Matchy napkins (it's time.  Ours are TRASHED.  And, again, need to deflate my fabric stash!)  
Blogging:  I really feel like it helps me focus my thoughts, and find the positive in our lives.  No, not everything in our life is always positive (see: dirty laundry, messy rooms, and other stuff that comes from active, growing, learning kids) but I can't stand focusing on the negatives when I write!  I'll try and be in my various spaces more often this year, to keep a record of what we're doing.  I keep wondering if I should bring everything together- I have the cooking blog, the homesteading blog, and this creative musings blog with lots of kid stuff thrown in...what do you think?  

gold nest with pink beads

Etsy/Selling:  I don't know.  I really don't.  I LOVE making jewelry.  I love giving it as gifts, which is why I re-opened my shop last year.  I knew that if I got busy in the summer and fall stocking that little shop, I'd be high on the hog when it came time to send out Christmas gifts...I'd be done!  And yeah, it worked a treat.  Everyone got beautiful gifts, and my shop is empty again :)  I'd like to keep creating this year, and who knows- if I have extras lying around, I'll list them.  I set a goal last year of doing a craft show in 2012, or a week or two at the Farmers Market.  It could be an expensive experiment if my wares don't sell, tables don't come cheap around here!  I'd only need to sell 4 or 5 to break even on a Farmers Market table for a week, but add to that the seed cost of the supplies....but I have enough on hand to get going...I really, really, really want to though.  We'll see!

(I should throw something in here...have I mentioned that I love bartering?  Really??  Let's not be shy about possible bartering opportunities, mkay?  Like, if you want necklaces for all your sisters....and make a really neat dooohickey.... chat me up!)


What I Did Today said...

I love all your goals. I'm going to have to go look up those books you mentioned.

Bobbi Lewin said...

If you really, really, really want to do it, then you should. One thing that has really (there's that word again) been coming up for me is that I need to do the things I want to do instead of the things I think other people expect me to do. I'm not talking about responsibilities, just the stuff you do get to choose about. Choose you:)