Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Year in Review

(CoCo and Myrnie, Christmas Day 2012)

Hello, 2012!

I've decided that the week between Christmas and New Years is possibly the best of the year- there are no plans, no major holiday to plan for, and no rush.  But alas, real life must start again- school and piano lessons start in the morning.

The year in review:

January: I was hugely pregnant.  The kids and I did some really enormous craft projects, I organized a bit, and we waited.  I made the most of my last baby-free weeks, helping the girls at church by recording this song.

February: He came.  10 pounds, and completely drug free.  Pretty sure I deserve a cookie for that one.  My MIL came to save the day while I recuperated (bless you!)

March:  We started planting seeds for the garden.  I started baking our bread again, after a 3 month break.  My mom and sister came to help build a green house.  My husband's family came to meet the baby (yay!)  We started the doctor visits to figure out the reason behind Ernie's on-going gut issues.

April: We had our yearly Spring Event.  After losing 10% of her body weight, we finally got some answers for Ernie from the amazing doctors at Children's.  Then, we started down the medical and dietary road of healing her guts.

May:  We took our first family vacation that didn't involve visiting other family.  We were still in the throes of healing Ernie, body and mind.

June: We had Ernie's symptoms under control, and we celebrated a year of Wonder Daddy working at his own firm, with a partner.  CoCo found out he could blow raspberries.  Ernie found out that being six is a wonderful thing.

July:  Ernie started first grade, with me.  Wonder Daddy rode a bike race.  We had the flu, and the chest cold, and just a lot of laundry!

August:  I learned how to make nest pendants.  The girls started drawing with thread.

September:  Mimi turned three.  I had my first guest poster (Ernie!)  I started processing apples...and apples...and MORE apples!  Ernie started reading "Big Books" from the library- Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, and Magic School Bus.

October:  Still kept busy making nest pendants, and teaching other folks how to make them.  Lots of fun with Halloween.  A surprise visit to the aquarium with Wonder Daddy.

November:  Handled the food for a big, fat, fancy, wedding reception.  Showed my pendants to a friend at her shop, where my daughter peed on her floor, and then LICKED THE GLASS DOORS when I put her outside.  I, umm, never went back.  I made a LOT of salsa verde out of the rest of the tomatillos.  My husband stopped working at his joint firm, and his partner made plans to purchase our share.

December:  Lots of Christmas preparations, lots of music, and lots of having Wonder Daddy at home.  I finished an order for a really big, pregnant, doll.  A beautiful Christmas season. Lots of Christmas lights.  Lots of learning to trust the Lord, and lots of learning to stretch the budget.  Lots and lots and lots of prayer.  Oh, and a friendly note on the door from the water company, wondering why we'd used nearly 40,000 extra gallons of water the past two months?  (We were losing 50 gallons an hour, SOMEWHERE, by the time we found out- two days of our water shut off, lots of ditch digging, some emergency labor help from home-from-college neighbor boys and my family, and some shiny new pipe.  I said all I wanted for Christmas was running water, and a job- I'm settling for having running water!  I think Wonder Daddy had fun with the rented tools though- a ditch digger?  A pneumatic drill?  Cutting holes in the house foundation?  YES PLEASE!)  


Teresa said...

What a darling picture of your and your little guy.
Wow you ended the year in a big way...glad you have water now.
I've enjoyed following your's to a wonderful 2012

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Did they figure out why the leak happened? I hope they cut you a break on the water bill!

Ticia said...

Okay wow, 50 gallons an hour? That is amazing!

It sounds like in the end though all is well!

Bobbi Lewin said...

Such a beautiful mama and baby:)