Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1st

There's a "day in the life" meme going around right now...and it lasts a full week!  Wouldn't it be fun to see what everyone is up to?

My twin and I are part of the "twin registry" at our alma mater- we help out with research studies, and it's kind of fascinating to think what can be learned from studying twins in relation to diseases!  At least, it's fascinating to me.  Part of the last study asked about daily habits, and I discovered that I work 15 hour days, but umm....well, the vast majority of my day is sitting down.  Obviously, since I'm sitting here right now.  Still, rather horrifying.


This morning started early- Wonder Boy had a hard time sleeping last night, and so did Mimi.  Between the two of them I was up about every hour after 1, and finally gave up around 6:30.  Oh, and had rip-roaring nightmares about Ernie driving off in my car, and I couldn't manage to chase after her in any other car for one reason or another, even though she was only going slowly on the shoulder of the road.  She said she had to get something at WalMart.  Ehhh?  (Oh, and Dad, you were in my other nightmare- you were taking pistachios from a tree and saying "Oh, he won't mind!  We're doing him a FAVOR!"  Then "he" came out and was pretty furious.  But in the end, you were right- he didn't mind.)

We taught two piano lessons this morning, did Ernie's school work, and had snacks and lunch.  The girls cleaned up their room before naps.

During "nap time" Mimi spent most of the time shaking a tambourine and bellowing out a song.  Ernie read.  But, when "nap time" was over, Mimi was asleep, Wonder Boy was napping in my chair, and Ernie came out to play.  I spent nap time playing with Wonder Boy, listening to Spotify (you've tried it?  You love it too?) and looking for garden ideas on Pinterest.  (And I'm SURE you've signed up for that, too?)  Oh, and waiting for my doctor's office to write me back- I want the go-ahead to take some cold medicine, something I haven't done since before Ernie was born I think.  No particular reason why not, I just generally prefer to not be on medication.  Tylenol and ibuprofen are around for when I get a bad pain somewhere.  I'm hoping there's something safe to take to try and get rid of a mystery sore throat!

By 3:30, everyone was up, and we met our cousins at the neighborhood beach for the afternoon, and got home by 6:00 for baths and dinner.  I warmed up leftover terriyaki salmon, and threw some quinoa in the rice cooker, and some cut broccoli in the steamer basket.  Mimi and Ernie LOOOVE quinoa.  Mims had 3 scoops, which I was happy to oblige her in.  Our little vegetarian doesn't get much protein in her, and quinoa is a pretty good source.

By 8:00, we'd eaten dinner and had our "Family Home Evening."  Mimi chose the song (Rain is Falling) and Ernie read us a story from her scripture reader about Joseph Smith.  Daddy read the kids a bed time story, and lights out!  Kind of.  Wonder Baby was still splashing in the bath, and by 9:00 Mimi was still popping out to ask if I'd tuck her back in.  Kid just won't sleep!  I got caught up on piano studio billing and started mapping out next year's schedule.

I spent the rest of the night cleaning up the kitchen, dawdling on the computer, and trying to wrap my head around a death I learned of in the morning, via Facebook.  I've decided Facebook is a rotten way to find out something like that.  I also found out about a birth, and two more friends who are "expecting."  Facebook just kind of splashes life around indiscriminately, doesn't it?


Aunt LoLo said...

What a day! Yesterday, I found out the kids boke the 'r' key on my keyboard, we went to Costco, prepped some food for tonight's party, had "nap time" (HA!), tidied a bit, met you mat the beach, made a huge dinne (because i thought daddy would be eating lunch at home today. oops!) cleaned some moe, had FHE (a momonmessages video)and finally BED TIME. Woohoo!

Sara said...

I found out my grandpa died via Facebook...pretty crummy way to find out when it's a close family member. I don't mind finding out about pregnancies, births, and deaths when it's not about someone I'm really close to. But for close family members and friends...I agree, totally rotten way to find out.