Friday, August 26, 2011


I am sitting at my computer at 11:40 PM with an infant who is loopy from a mixture of Tylenol, tiredness, a large quantity of snot (sorry), and a short and late nap.


Let's see.  We were all up by 7:00.  We then spent two hours eating some yogurt, getting dressed, and painting our nails.  (It was Mimi's idea, I swear!)

Wet and Wild Pearly Lavendar

School lasted from 9:00 to 11:30.  WOW, and we didn't even finish!  I introduced Ernie to the wonders of double-consonant word ending that make ONE sound (ll, ss, ff, ck, tt, etc.) and how to write those (/s/)  We got through math, and a lot of sound labeling.  We didn't get to the first-ever spelling lesson or the science lesson.  Since she reads so dang well, I've been making her spell out loud whatever words they're asking her to learn to read, so spelling shouldn't be a huge challenge.  I hope.

I completely chickened out on lunch today for the girls: Top Ramen.  And I made Ernie prepare it.  Hey, Wonder Boy was asleep on my lap and if a baby has a cold and he's sleeping?  YOU DO NOT WAKE THAT CHILD.  (This cold is impressive- I set him in an easy chair, and he fell over.  By the time I got to him, he had a river running from his nose to his ear.)

The girls finished their lunch, and predictably declared themselves starving for more Top Ramen.  Two packages ought to be enough for two small children, right?  They're like camels: bird appetites most days, until something good comes along.  Then, stand back!  We spent 10 minutes cleaning up all the clothes and books off their floors and beds in their room, and tucked them in for naps.

I got some good pictures taken for the shop while they were down- the hydrangea background was my favorite of the day.

Seven eggs in a nest pendant

Three gold eggs in a nest

This last one is too far away, but aren't those flowers amazing?  I have a collection of hydrangeas (among other things) on my kitchen table in assorted vases and cups- the girls love to bring me flowers from wherever they are.  I hope Grandma is OK with the hyrdrangeas they love to claim as souveneirs from her  yard!
Clear Tear Drop Pendant

I tried a white background, but it just didn't look pretty to me.

Five Aqua Eggs in a Nest

All of these are in the shop now, hooray!  The pretty pictures aren't there yet though.  Goofy, I was so excited to get things in the shop!  I also have necklace material being shipped to me- I'm excited about that!  I chose a shiny 2.4mm "ball" chain.  I think it will look chunky enough to balance out the visual weight of the nests, without looking overstated.  I wasn't thrilled with any of the chain options I could find- so many of them just look cheap and flimsy!  (Even if they're not cheap OR flimsy.)

We spent the entire evening at a far-away baseball game- it took at least an hour to get there, and the game ran about 7-10.  By the time we pulled into our driveway at 10:45 we were all exhausted!  The game was adorable- just a minor league game, we sat on the grass behind the outfield and ate cheap hot dogs and peanuts, and the kids got to run around the bases after the 9th inning.  I wish it wasn't so far away!  Unfortunately, Wonder Boy woke up from his little nap just punchy as you please, and ready to play and blow raspberries.  But now it is 12:07...and he's stopped blowing raspberries on the ottoman where he's laying next to me...and that sucker is CRIB BOUND!


Ticia said...

She made the Ramen! Way to go.

I love the pictures with flowers and the necklace.

Aunt LoLo said...

The baseball game sounds fun!

What I Did Today said...

Poor little guy! Hope it all clears up soon? Is he teething? Beautiful jewelry!

Bobbi Lewin said...

I love the hydrangea background! Especially with those gold eggs, yum!

I hope baby boy is feeling better!

Sam said...

Those little nests are the cutest things ever. And blue hydrangeas? My favorite flower in the world. :) Nice combo!