Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22nd

Coren wants the food!
Wonder Boy is getting quick hands, and a taste for carbs.  None of this pureed garbage, none of this processed rice cereal.  He wants chunks of grains, thankyouverymuch.  Cooked oats and rice, little nubbins of bread....he wants to KNOW what's in his mouth, and he prefers it be placed there by hand.  Spoons and forks are highly offensive!  Oh and yes: He is the most charming lump of a son I ever did see.  What's the term?  Fat and Happy?

We celebrated a friend's wedding over the weekend- she and her husband had a small ceremony back in June, up in Alaska near their own home (and his family), and threw a formal reception down here for her hometown.  I think the opulence was lost on the kids (catered by a fabulous steak house?  Set in a museum?  Did I mention the steak?) but they zeroed in on what mattered: we had the (after-hours) run of an insanely cool flight museum, and there were large sacks of jelly beans at EVERY place setting.  Instant kid points.

Wonder Daddy fits in a jet fighter.

Museum of Flight

So does Ernie.  Don't get any ideas, guys.

Museum of Flight

Ernie and I also attended a funeral in the afternoon, for the mother of a former classmate.  She had a nasty run of cancer, but didn't consider the end of her life as losing.  She figures she won the fight against cancer: she got to leave, and it had to stay here.  We also gave God a big round of applause for sending someone as wonderful as Jan, all against a backdrop of bright balloon bouquets.  Oh, and her son is a stand up comedian and did a bang-up job speaking.  It's a terrible, terrible time for his family, but I've never seen a funeral so full of hope, and that's exactly they way she wanted it.  (She even proof-read the eulogy her best friend wrote.  So yes, everything was exactly the way she wanted it.)

7 egg nest pendant

I'm having way too much fun making our nest pendants- three have gone out the door this week, and I'm waiting for the go-ahead on a few more.  The most recent one I've made has SEVEN EGGS.  My gracious.  I love the tear-drop shape it took on, though.  I've almost gone through all my favorite beads- these are howlite stone beads, dyed to such a pretty aqua shade.  They're only 6 mm, and smaller than most beads that I work with, but I love the marbling on them.


Teresa said...

Sweet post, cycle of life...from beginning to end.
Your little guys is growing so fast...and cool idea at the reception.

Aunt LoLo said...

Love it. (And I get compliments every few days on my next pendant...which I wear every day. ;-))

Bobbi Lewin said...

Sounds like you had a roller coaster of a day.

I love my new nest pendant! Thank you so much:)