Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 26th Updates

I'm back!  Seriously, who ever planned these last few weeks has SERIOUS mental issues.

But hey!  The flu is over, the explosive poo fest is over, the husband's two week chest cold THING is over (and hey! It's in my chest now!)  Umm...oh yeah, and Mimi is potty trained.

Pictures.  We need pictures.

iPhone 027
Whoops, not a happy picture.  Wonder Boy's had some tough weeks.

he found my foot!

Aww.  He found my foot.  HE WANTS MY FOOT!  (We're even, because I just want his thighs.  My goodness.)

watching a movie, and not being scared

Ernie, keeping Mimi safe during a particularly tense moment in "Tangled."

10:30 pm and not sleepy!

Oh look!  10:30 PM and somebody's not sleepy....

Zoo Hill Road Time Trial

Wonder Daddy did a time trial race up a crazy hill with switchbacks that look like spirals.  We cheered him through the finish line!  In the rain!  (The bikers were NOT happy about the rain- can't use racing bike tires in the rain, had to pull out their chunkier commuter tires.)

Zoo Hill Road Time Trial

It was a TOUGH hill, OK?

Zoo Hill Road Time Trial

But everyone looked pretty chipper before he set out for the race.

eating melon

Wonder Boy tried melon.  He thought I was a nut case for calling it food.


We're in our fifth week of 1st grade for Ernie, and Mimi and Wonder Boy are becoming best buds- they lay there sucking their thumbs and getting their "touch" buckets filled by holding hands or feet or whatever they can reach.  Do other kids just need to hold onto somebody to feel fulfilled?


What I Did Today said...

Aw! Love the picture of your youngest two just chillin' and being and loving each other. Yay to Wonder Daddy and Mimi for their accomplishments. And to all of you for living through some tough weeks!

Aunt LoLo said...

The picture of Wonder Boy in daddy's lap? Yeah, it must be the orange shirt, because your behbeh's head looks ORANGE. You might get a redhead. haha

Bobbi Lewin said...

Yeah for potty training! I passed your marshmallow tip on to my daughter. Thanks for sharing all the sweet pics. And don't we all just need someone to hold on to?

Alexandra said...

That last picture is sooo sweet! Feel better soon. :)