Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August 3rd

Going strong!

12:15 Wonder Boy up for a feeding and diaper change

1:15 Wonder Boy back to sleep

4:45 Wonder Boy is hungry again...

5:00 Wonder Boy back in his crib

6:30 Mimi climbs in bed with me, installs her curly head on my pillow, and attempts to put her hand on my face.  Thumb suckers have nasty smelling hands.  Just saying.

7:00 Cartoon time for the girls!

8:45 I seriously just now getting up?  Yes, I am.  Wonder Boy eats another breakfast.  The girls have toast and milk.

9:00 The Berninger calls...she's coming to visit!

9:15 The Berninger is here.  I'm lucky she's not shocked by the sight of pajamas and messy hair, because that's what I've got going on this morning.  Bring it.  I'm also lucky she doesn't mind chatting with the kids for 10 minutes so I can get a shower...because, really, we all know it's the kids she came to see!  (Oh, did I mention I put Mimi is big girl underwear yesterday?  I'm in trouble: there's only one pink pair in the pack.  I'm in big trouble.)

10:30  The Berninger has left the building, and we start school.  I pull out a bowl of pretzels for a morning snack, Ernie gets dressed, and the math workbooks commence.


11:00 Groupon for a baseball game!  Wonder Daddy was going to take the girls this month, and this will save us a ton.  Hooray!

11:30 Wonder Boy is asleep, and Ernie and I have gotten through most of what we need to do together on her school work.  She works on her pages while I make lunch.  Ernie has a ham and cheese sandwich, and Mimi just has bread and cheese.


12:00 Wonder Boy is up, girls are down for naps.  Boy and I head to the basement to watch the nutrition series, eat a cookie (yum,) and have MORE FEEDINGS (and more lap napping.)  Because I'm pretty sure he's too small.  *snort*


2:00 Ernie is up, and my first two afternoon lessons are here.  I haven't seen them since the beginning of June, and THEY'VE BEEN PRACTICING!  Hallelujah.  One of them went ahead and started the NEXT lesson since he finished everything I assigned, and the other learned two new songs from his "extra" book.  Sweet.

3:00 A small break between lessons.  Feed Wonder Boy again, and get Ernie started on the school work she didn't finish this morning.  Mimi wants to play on my phone, and I say no, and I'm pretty sure I'm a disappointment to her right now.  Wonder Boy falls asleep in my lap, and I put him in the crib.  What are the chances that today he learns to sleep in a crib during the day?  Instead of dropping off wherever I have him laying?  There's always a little fussing before he drops off, which doesn't go over well during piano lessons.

3:30  Last piano lesson of the day is here (my 4:00 and 4:30 cancelled for VBS.)  I teach Ernie to "Never Eat Shredded Wheat" and label her picture with the compass points.

4:00 Piano is finished for the week!  Send a last minute text to all our 12 and 13-year-old girls at church, reminding them that we DO have an activity tonight, and they DO need to bring their scriptures and Personal Progress books (an achievement program for the girls, with activities and studies to do and pass off.)  Call and check in with our convalescing Young Women's president (and her days-old baby).

4:30 Start dishwasher, dole out marshmallows to Mimi after she uses the toilet again (yay!  dry underwear!) and send Ernie across the street to see if their friend can come over and play.  She's 8...I don't know how long this friendship will last, but Ernie is smitten with having a playmate so close.  And the playmate is smitten with our garden.  Win-win, right?  Wonder Boy wakes up, and he is MAD.  I'm grateful for the hour he spent in his crib!  The friend isn't home.

5:00 Get a pot of water started for (whole wheat) spaghetti, and I'll braise some kale and onions, and cook an eggplant with black bean garlic sauce.  Ernie is on the phone with her Nana...and tells her I'm not making dinner (Hey!  It's on the stove!)  and I'm just sitting at the computer (HEY!  I'm nursing Wonder Boy!)

6:00 Dinner is over, for me at least. Mimi is heart broken that I required her to taste the egg plant, and Ernie couldn't possibly eat her kale and eggplant unless I put it in her mouth.  Yes, it was good she said.  But still...I had to put it in her mouth.  Darn straight it was good!  I over ate, it was delicious.  Wonder Boy was tired of chilling on the floor, can't say I blame him.  I always eat too fast when I have babies- I want to get as much eaten as I can before the baby needs to be held again!

I try and keep the Wonder Boy entertained with this video, but he's not buying it.

6:45 Wonder Daddy gets home, and I rush out the door for Young Women's.

7:00 No one is at the building, so Wonder Boy and I spread a blanket on the grass and wait to see if any girls come.  One we pass off some of her requirements, and play a two-person game of Apples to Apples.  It's rather boring, but I'm glad to have the chance to chat with her- I haven't before.

8:45 She asks to  use my phone...poor thing!  She was probably bored stiff, and I thought we were waiting for her mom.  I gave her a ride home.

9:15 SMOOTHIE TIME!  I've been trying to get to my sister's smoothie shop since last week, and I'm finally here.  Thumbs up for smoothie shops that stay open till 10.  She fixes me up with a coconut water-mango cooler, with a "probiotic boost."  Wonder Boy and I chill out in the shop for awhile.

9:45  I'm home, and feed Wonder Boy one last time.  I deposit him in his crib, and go clear up the dinner dishes and put away the leftovers.

10:30 Kitchen is clean, Wonder Daddy's lunch is packed away for tomorrow, and the day is over!  


Alexandra said...

Awesome song and video! That actually gave m a boost today, thanks. :)

And whoever said SAHM is a cush job(domestic goddess) is out of their mind.

What I Did Today said...

Whew! Another full day! Pretty sure all I did was play in the kiddie pool with the girls and nap. What is The Berninger?

Erin said... day pales in comparison (but, in my defense, I'm 8 months pregnant). I remember those days when I could rush around like mad and get so much done. Reading your schedule makes me feel excited to get done with this pregnancy and get back to the crazy schedule!
And also, that video was completely awesome! What is that guys' name?
What method do you use for homeschool? And what do you do when your girls don't want to work for the day? I'm curious to know what works and what doesn't for other families. Have a great day!