Friday, August 5, 2011

August 5th

3:30 Wonder Boy gets up to eat

3:45 Wonder Boy goes back to sleep.

4:00 I hear a thump, and wait for the creak of the door.  I meet Mimi in the hall.  "There's a spider in my room."  No there's not.  "I peed in my diaper."  (I check) No, you didn't.  Get back in bed, Mimi.  I tuck her in, and go back to bed.

4:20 I hear the creak again and meet her in the hall.  "Can I sleep in your bed?"  ....Fine.  I forgot that sleeping with Mimi is like sleeping with melted cheese.  She plasters herself over whatever surface is available to her- my face, my arm, my back...and she hogs the pillow.

7:00 Cartoon time for the girls!  Wonder Boy is up, and I feed him again.

7:30 The girls install themselves at the table and start chanting for breakfast.  Umm...well, we're out of won't eat my smoothies anymore....I make instant oatmeal for both of the girls.  Mimi declares she hates apples, can she have sugar and syrup in her apple cinnamon oatmeal?  (No.)  Ernie says she loves it...but wants to eat it later.  Much, much later.  I load the dishwasher, put hot water and yeast in a bowl for our bread, and start slicing a peach and apple for my breakfast.  I only use half the apple, and give the other half to the girls.

8:00 Shower time!  Ernie starts her math work, and  I bring Wonder Boy in to chill on the rug in my room, and I come out to find Mimi entertaining him with two bike "U-Locks" and a popped bike tube.  Sister Fail!  However, once again I am wearing mascara, AND eye liner, and a pretty shirt.  Plus a braid in my hair.  Despite the sweat pants (they're velour, is that fancier?)  I'm feeling slightly put together.  I really need new pants, I only have exercise pants and a pair of jeans.  However, I despise clothes shopping.  Pants shopping was hard enough before my third pregnancy, and all the weight I'm still packing around...but knowing that my belly button is currently hanging out around my knees is just depressing, and it looks ridiculous in most clothes.

8:30 Get started on the rest of Ernie's school work, but end up just working on some pages we left out the other day.

9:00 Aunt LoLo comes to drop off Ming Wai for the day.  Hooray!  I send her with all my baking sheets and pretty platters for this weekends' wedding reception.  She intends to spend most of the day making potato salad, sliders, and enough cookies for 200 ice cream sandwiches.  Better her than me!  I'll gladly do the shopping and menu math to help out though- she's promised to pay me in ice cream.  Which, given my renewed efforts to lose weight...isn't ideal.  But OH, her cherry chocolate chip ice cream is yummy!

9:30  Oh yes.  The bread.  My yeast is WELL PROOFED now, and I grind wheat to make the dough.

10:00 Dough is rising, and Wonder Boy is hungry again.  I start to feed him.

10:02 Mimi unleashes a geyser...thankfully in the kitchen.  I order her to NOT MOVE, and for once she listens instead of running around.  Mostly because every step she takes lands her on her bottom (caution: floor slippery when wet.)  I put Wonder Boy on the floor and go to mop up the flood and dispose of her wet clothes.

10:15 Girls all run outside to pick raspberries.  I pick up Wonder Boy to finish his interrupted meal- he falls asleep, and goes into his crib.

10:30 Girls are back inside now, and playing with marbles and dolls and jars in their bedroom.  I punch down the bread dough for a second rise.  This is going to be a funky batch of bread...

11:00 Wonder Boy is up!  I start water boiling to make noodles for lunch.

11:30 Lunch!  Top Ramen for the kids (with more sliced apple) and another green smoothie for me, with a handful of raw almonds.  Yum!!  The kids insist on sampling my smoothie, but I'm on to them: each gets 2 tablespoons in a cup, so that when they start dancing around and singing about how disgusting it is...I don't have to throw away too much.

12:00 Feed Wonder Boy, and put him down for a nap

12:15 Call an end to lunch time, and put the girls in their room for a nap.  Ming Wai collects a pillow, a stuffed animal, and a book (??? she can't read??) and heads downstairs to watch a movie for her quiet time.  I throw the bread in the oven, switch a load of towels, make the bed, and drop some mail in the slot.

12:45 Wonder Boy is up.  Le sigh.  I promised a good friend a meal tonight, and I am stressing over it (even after she made me promise not to.)  It's not the cooking, but I want it to be GOOD.  And, there are three adults at the house whom I've never met: what do they like?  I'm leaning towards a big pot of brown rice, with lots of toppings: garlicky braised kale, ginger chicken with shitake mushrooms, chives, cucumbers, and a green salad on the side (my garden needs trimming...trimmings=green salad.)  Ginger is an amazing de-gasser, and we all know how much gas needs to come out of the system after a surgery!!  (Or even after a birth for that matter.)  I'll make a batch of jum jills too, for those late night snacks.  And send a fresh loaf of bread.  But what's for dessert??

12:50 Clean up!  Wonder Boy is well and truly awake, and in need of a diaper, shirt, pants, and bedding change.  Way to go, champ!  (Ew.  Poo!)

1:15 Another feeding for Wonder Boy....

1:30 Feeding was a bad idea!!  He's now spit it all over his outfit and mine.  Aw man....I liked that outfit!  Oh well.  Leggings and a jersey dress now, since my jeans are in the wash.

2:00 Ming Wai's movie is over- she comes upstairs to draw a picture.  It includes every single stamp marker, and every scented marker.  The smellier, the more beautiful!  Ming Wai is totally a smell girl.

2:30 Ernie is up from her nap.  The girls are hungry, and I'm feeding Wonder Boy.  I tell them to get out the animal crackers.

2:35 Our friends arrive!  Little Miss C, Little Mr. M, and their mom.

2:40 Wonder Boy is asleep, I put him in his crib and go check on the status of the animal cracker snack.  Every child is kitted out with a bowl of almonds, a bowl of animal crackers, and a mug and saucer.  There is a creamer of milk, and a creamer of Nesquick.  Dream Big!  I'm petty, though, and warn the girls I expect them to drink the milk they've poured for themselves.  (I've thrown away multiple meals in the last few days, and am might tired of it!)

3:30 Start brown rice for my friend.  I've settled on black bean patties, brown rice, braised kale, and a loaf of bread.  My visiting friend holds Wonder Boy, and we harvest kale, chop onions, and get everything ready.  Between now and 5:30 when I leave the house, Mimi will poop her pants, Ming Wai will run sobbing into the house trying to "hold it" while she goes to the farthest bathroom because that's the one she wants, Little Mr. M will repeatedly remove his shoes and his mother will request he put them back ON while he's outside, and life just continues.

5:30 Hit the road!  I have hot rice, braised kale, fresh bread, korean cinnamon tea, and bean patties.

5:45 Drop the girls with their Grandpa for the evening, and discover the hot cinnamon tea is on its side, and the lid has come undone.  Sadness!  I lost half the drink :(  (1 quart water simmered with 4 cinnamon sticks, 5 coins of ginger, and a 1/4 cup sugar.)  Dad lends me towels to sop up the mess, and a big plastic box to complete my journey.

6:00 Drop dinner off, and coo over an amazingly perfect little girl.  Born 7 lb. 11 ounces, I have NEVER had a child that small.  She's perfect, and lucky to be alive.  (Triple wrapped cord at the time of the C section, and she had to be resuscitated.  Poor thing!)

6:15 Pick up Wonder Daddy!  It's date night!!  We go get my bi-annual "phone upgrade," eat enormous take out burritos in the car while I nurse Wonder Boy, and hit a Krispy Kreme drive-thru on the way back to pick up the girls.  I order a chocolate dipped cone...that sucker is at least 6 inches above the sugar cone.  Luckily Wonder Daddy doesn't mind when I repeatedly shove it in his direction and basically force feed him half cups of ice cream at a time.  Thanks, Wonder Daddy!

9:15 We are home, we've read scriptures, girls are ready for bed, and it's lights out!  Now, Wonder Daddy rounds up his tools to re-string his guitar, I'm typing with Wonder Boy on my lap and rocking him to sleep, and life is looking pretty good.

I'm just going to call today the Day of Body Fluids, OK?  


Anonymous said...

I love your day. It is so real and so... familiar. :) Pants shopping gets better, or at least it gets easier to tuck the stomach in and hide it in the pants. Third babies do a number on the middle section and don't get me started on four. Ugh.

Isn't date night wonderful though!

Alexandra said...

Unsolicited tip: A girdle(when you can) and skirts with elastic if you want to wait on pants. Gridles and corsetlets are very "in"(think AMCs Madmen series) now, so not hard to find online. Some are obviously for show, and the others utilitarian. I've got a few(new old stock)vintage 18 Hour(ebay) girdles that have open bottoms - just pull it on and it hold everything in much better than all those modern body tube versions, which are way too hot in the summer. I wear the girdles when I go outside the house. A few of my skirts hide enough to go without(longer ethnic boho ones), and all my shirts are longish to cover the mid-section.

Ha, ha...we've had the body fluid it's dirt days. I just cleaned up a pot of garden dirt for a project(one of her many) my daughter had started. Time to go mop, AGAIN. ;)

You are a power house of energy. :) I love hearing about your days.

Teresa said...

Having all grown and out of the house children.....I tend to forget all the fun "busy" of the day. Looks like you are in the middle of it. =) Happy day