Sunday, July 10, 2011

Monster Update, Photo Style

Alright, are you ready for some pictures??

Installing laminate flooring makes him feel...buff.

installing laminate flooring in the basement

Ernie was really conflicted about this sparkler.  Should I be shy?  Should I grin?  I'm so HAAAPPY!  What do I DO??

She warmed up to the sparkler.  A bit.

Mimi was a little more sure of herself.

But not much.

We lit the pull string on a confetti popper.  Repeatedly.

Here's yer sign.

Hey guys....that's a pull string...not a wick...

The neighbor boys were INSANE.  Please tell me I will never let my boy run through the street in a pack of boys, playing kick the smoke bomb.  The LIT smoke bomb.  I mean, it's hot, right?


You can't really see it, but he's howling.  Mad as a dog.  He rolled over, and he's FURIOUS about it!
he rolled over!

Ah.  Mimi learned to use scissors.  She spent two days cutting fringe into our scrap paper.
Cutting with scissors


Teresa said...

Fun family pictures-

Ticia said...

Princess for the longest time cut everything into confetti. It was kind of hilarious.

Su said...

Love, LOVE the family photos.
And yeah, I tot agree. Boys can be insane!! I often wondered how they manage to grow up with all digits still attached. :)

What I Did Today said...

Ash cuts fringe too. I have no idea why. As long as it isn't her hair (which she did once) and her auntie's shirt (which she tried to do twice). Mimi is looking older all of a sudden. Love the sparkler pics. Too cute!

Aunt LoLo said...

Great updates! I love the first shot of MiMi and dad...