Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Monster Update

I update Dad via daily e-mails when we don't see each other.  Seeing as this is the first time I've been on to blog in a while....oh, let's just see what I've been up to?  Here are the truncated versions of our updates.

(If you don't want to read it all, I made a lot of food, Mimi made a lot of laundry, everyone in the family was sick except Ernie, and we see a lot of our cousins!  Yep.)

July 2nd.
No blog post today, you get your own personal update!
4:00 Fed Wonder Boy
4:15-6:00 Sneezed 
6:00-7:30 slept 

8:30 J home, whole wheat pancakes with sprinkles, sliced oranges, and chocolate milk for breakfast.  Oh yeah :)  

++showers, nursing, etc.++

10:30 Leave!  Went to a park to celebrate a friend's graduation from the UW MBA program.  We've been friends since our K----- ward, the kids love playing together!   We ended up staying at the park until 4:30!!  J spent most of the time playing soccer with the boys ( the oldest is 6)  The kids ran around the park barefoot, ate all the goodies she made for the party, and had a blast.

5:30 leftover pancakes for dinner, with green smoothies for J and I (honeydew, kiwi, apricot, kale, carrot....can't imagine why the kids hated it so much! :)  We watched a movie downstairs where it was cool.

8:30 Get kids IN bed.

9:30 Last time Mimi comes out, we finally shut the door after 4 or 5 visits from her.  I promised to go in and see her once Wonder Boy was in bed (he was falling asleep on my lap, or she would have been dealt with much faster!)  Wonder Boy fell asleep around 9:40, I went and tucked her in one last time.

Now it's 10:20, I've had a shower to try and get the pollen off me, and a sink full of dishes awaits!  Ah, my glamorous life.  I wouldn't change it, though :)  

Love you!!  

July 3rd


Up at 5 with Wonder Boy

Can't quite remember the rest of the early morning...I know Mimi, Wonder Boy, and I were up at 7:30 and Ernie got up around 8:30...or was it M that slept in??

Anyway, toast and oatmeal and milk for the girls, loads of milk for Wonder Boy, and woke J up around 9.  Showers, more milk for Wonder Boy....dresses...and church!  We're all hit with allergies today, we were a little late.  We're kind of slow and grumpy....

Naps for the girls after church, M slept but E didn't.  She came out after a while and started puttering around in the school room with Wonder Boy and I.  She asked to play with my phone one too many times, so I found a big job for her: we cleaned out her desk AND the art cabinet.  WOW a lot of old projects and supplies hanging around!  Recycle bin is full :)  I have a stack of drawings to photograph, and then she can decide if she wants to give the originals away or recycle them.  She's remarkably unattached to her drawings :)  

I made rice, steamed eggplant with garlic and sesame, and potstickers my friend and I froze before Wonder Boy came.  Oh, and sweet potato chips- if you slice them super thin and microwave them to dehyrdate, they're crispy and yummy!  I'm loaded with sweet potatoes from our veggie baskets, and have given away bags of them, and am still looking for ways my family will eat them :)  Chips weren't a big hit, but I loved them anyway :)  Made a grandma-style cobbler with plum halves.  Again, the girls weren't crazy about it, but J and I loved it.  I predict the girls will be hungry in the morning :)  

All the kids are in bed now, I'm loading up a few photos, and need to draw up a bonnet pattern- the YW leave for Trek on Thursday, and a few girls need help with their outfits.  I have measurements from some online instructions, shouldn't be too bad.  Famous last words, right??

Hope you had an amazing Sabbath, seeing everything there is to see!

July 5th
Wanted to get this sent before you log on again.

Alright.  Monday morning we spent at the park with your ward, the kids and I stayed till lunch time playing, it was fun :). I brought them home for lunch and naps, and spent nap time with Wonder Boy and cleaning up the playroom.  J spent the day laying down pergo in the laundry room and hall. 

installing laminate flooring in the basement

 We had dinner with his grandparents and relatives from Hillsboro.  The kids had a blast!  We came home around 8:30 to do our pop-it's and go to bed, but the neighbor kids had bags of strobes and sparklers and smoke bombs and things like that...we were out there till 10:30!!  Wonder Boy was asleep till about 9, and was really afraid of all the lights and noise, so we watched from inside.  I let e stay up watching the aerials down at the beach park- we could see them over the trees!  She watched them from the living room with me for a bit, then fell asleep watching them from her bed.  Wonder Boy didn't sleep till 11:30...all the kids were pretty tired today!!

We had breakfast and school this morning, then we went to LoLo's house so I could do some trek sewing while the kids played.  Wonder Boy is grumpy tonight, we left around 9 pm to do errands, to put him to sleep.   it's almost 11:30 and he still won't sleep.  I gave him Tylenol, and hope to go to bed soon!  :)

Love you!

July 6th
Alright, I'm hiding in the basement with my phone and a baby.... :)

Perfect summer day today!!  I got almost no sleep last night, and woke up from a nightmare I was on the island...but I forgot to bring Wonder Boy...and I had a final in two hours...haha, I think I covered all the normal fears!!

I taught two lessons this morning, then taught Ernie her school lessons.  We met max and friends at the beach park at 10 and stayed till 1:30!!  Home for naps and taught another lesson  at 3:30.  Played with Wonder Boy, and made tuna melts and smoothie for dinner, with cherries and corn chips.  The neighbor girl came to see if Ernie could play!!  I think e could have a lot of fun with a playmate across the street :). The kids played till nearly 8, then we had scriptures etc. and turned off the lights at 8:30.  At 9:30 Mimi was still coming to the door and asking why she had to go to sleep...this has been happening lately, she won't sleep till it's dark!

Now the kitchen is clean, and I'm just waiting for Wonder Boy to end his day so I can go to bed!! :)

Love you!

July 7th
Ummm... Spent the day doing laundry, cleaning the carpet, finding acceptable food, and watching movies.  Mimi and I have a stomach bug- we both woke up sick at 6:15 this morning.  Wonder Boy has a cold, and possibly the stomach bug because his diapers were just as explosive as Mimi's.

I put Wonder Boy to sleep in the Bjorne on a long walk while J put the girls to bed.

Glad your days involve magical fjords, instead of laundry and exploding diapers!  :)

July 10th

Let's see.  Whirlwind yesterday- whole wheat pancakes and fruit smoothies for breakfast (mango peach banana, yum!). Ernie didn't like them.,..she doesn't like peaches or mangos.  

big pancakes

Made a cherry cobbler, and met lolo's family, Kate, and Jen for our monthly girl date.  We spent the morning at the beach park, it was fabulous :). Brought the kids home for naps.

Made oatmeal for breakfast today, and something we're calling jumjills- equal parts peanuts and raisins, ground in the food processor and pressed into a pan.  I cut them into cm squares and the girls adore them- score!!!

Breakfast is over, showers are done, and e unloaded the dishwasher.  Now we need to get everyone dressed, load and run the dishwasher, and be at church in an hour.  We can do it!  :). I'll leave Mimi here with J I think.

Love you lots!!

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