Friday, July 15, 2011

Trouble, A Song

I'm a cow.  I've been listening to my fabulous husband practice this piece, so what do I do?  I sit down and record it, mostly in the hopes that he'll see this and go REALLY record it himself!  See, when I record something it's me, a point and shoot camera, and some books-cum-tripod. Oh, and a rattle-shaking baby off to the side.  When he records something, it's mics and mixers and spit screens and glory.  I love to hear his glory :)

So, without anything else, here's me...singing Trouble, by Coldplay.  (Oh, and Wonder Boy too.)

Trouble from Myrnie Twin on Vimeo.


Teresa said...

Wonderful....great talent... singing and playing at the same time...I've tried it and I get lost all the time.
Thanks for sharing your talent today-
Have a wonderful weekend.

Aunt LoLo said...

Nice video!

Why are you a cow? ;-) (Because it's a term of endearment! You love yourself! Aww....)