Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sillhouette Tutorials

Ernie, age 4

Myrnie, age 6

Our Joy School girls have been working on their "All About Me" books for the last few weeks- they're SUPER cute! Every lesson, they did a new page- a collage of their favorite foods, a self-portrait, a drawing of their family, their hand and foot prints, and yes: their sillhouettes. Today they got to take them home- OH where they excited! As soon as their mothers walked in the door, the girls were running, yelling "MOM! Let me show you my BOOK!"

There are lots of different ways to do these, but here are a few tutorials in case you want to give it a try!

Aunt LoLo went hi-tech/low-tech with a computer-as-light-box, and a piece of scotch tape. Ingenius.

A quick google search yielded this tutorial, which is how my friend/fellow Joy School Mama made Ernie's sillhouette (and all the rest of the girls.) She took the girls' pictures against a white wall, and said the whole process was lickety split! The copies were done at Kinkos, as COLOR copies- black and white printouts turned out rather grey.

Oh, and the second sillhouette up there is just for familial resemblence comparisions. It was done in Kindergarten, and I seem to remember sitting in front of a large gridded sheet of fabric, with a light shining. Some poor room mother probably had arthritis by the time she cut out the sillhouettes for the entire class! It hung in the spare bedroom at my grandparent's home for a long time, before it was sent home with me.

I'm looking for a childhood side-profile shot of my husband to turn into a sillhouette to add to the display. Because it looks rather odd with just Ernie and I. I need to make Mimi's too.

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Bobbi Lewin said...

That's fun to have the two to compare:)

Aunt LoLo said...

It would be fun to have the whole family...but I think having just you two is lovely, too. MiMi can have hers in three years. ;-)

Bobbi Lewin said...

consider yourself tagged for the Sunshine blog award:)