Saturday, April 24, 2010

Making, Listening, Lightening

Aww man...I've actually been MAKING things this week, and have nothing to show you guys!

  • Made a pillow out of a t-shirt for a friend's boyfriend: he really liked it, I heard.  So that's good, right?
  • My daughter finished a doll she's been working on for...a long time.  I'm proud of her, can't wait for you guys to see that!  I think your kids would love to make one too.
  • I have 2 dolls currently in process- one I managed to sew her face on backwards (brilliant), and one still being designed for our lucky giveaway winner.  I'm pretty excited about that second doll, I'm working out the hair.
  • Made bread and yogurt and cookies and banana bread and bean dip and pesto pasta and braised kale... that was yummy stuff.  But again, no pictures.  (But I promise you I will show you how to get chocolate chip cookies from cupboard to oven in 10 minutes.  It's dangerous.  And tasty.)
I've been rehearsing with a small, temporary, women's choir for the last month to get a piece ready for a conference that happened yesterday- it was wonderful, especially after I checked my attitude at the door.  Seriously, I think I'm a totally mellow person and then BLAM I find out I have some serious baggage I need to chuck out the window.  So once I lightened my load, it was a great experience and I'm so glad I was able to sing with them.

38 and 24 Weeks
This really has nothing to do with anything, but it makes me laugh.  I was 3 months ahead of her, but we wanted to make sure Mimi and Siu Jeun got to "meet" :)  Summer 2008

AND, we were all supposed to bring a friend to this conference.  Well, as you know, I don't get out much.  Really, I don't.  So I figured I'd take really good notes and bring the conference to YOU!  This is good stuff, here.  (And Aunt's what I promised you!)  

The theme of the conference was "The Power of One."  I'll just give you my bullet points:
  • President Monson (video, no he wasn't ACTUALLY there) "Don't immerse yourself in the thick of thin things."  WOW, how often do we get so caught up in the mundane that we don't leave room or time for more important matters?  The next time I put off playing Candyland with my daughter because I'm cleaning the kitchen...I hope I put down the scrub brush.
  • We are just one woman, but WE are the ones to meet our children's needs: not their teachers, not their friends.  It is our amazing opportunity and responsibility.
  • We need to live our lives strong enough that what we are doing will shine.  We need to SHINE ladies! Let your faith, your love, your capacity show.  Don't be afraid to be the absolute best you can be.  If you want to influence someone for good, do it by example and not word.
  • There are figurative angels among us.  Can we be an angel today?  Is there someone whose load you could lighten?  Someone you could smile at?
  • We need to have charity, that pure love of Christ.  Remember: charity never faileth.
  • Love.  Wow.  President Uchtdorf (again, a video segment, I didn't catch where this was from) taught "Love inspired the creation of our spirits.  Love was the motive for the plan of salvation.  Love is a fountain of hope."  Lots to think about right there.
  • As we love, we gain strength.  Strength to love more, strength to serve more.
  • It's hard to receive service.  We focus on giving, giving...but someone has to receive.  Don't deny someone else the blessing of serving you- if you are praying and hoping for help, don't turn it away when it arrives!
  • When serving people, remember: some things in life will stay broken.  We can visit and lift, but we can't heal and we can't release people from the consequences of their actions.  We can make a load lighter by simply listening and loving.
WHEW.  OK, I'll stop there.  My very favorite speaker spoke last today- I'll save his stuff for another post.

I hope you all have a very wonderful rest of your weekend!

Picture 064
Ernie and Ming Wai, summer 2008.  Good grief, those shoes.  2008 they were a bit big.  2009 I spiffed them up with new glitter.  Now 2010...I think I just need to hide them.  Oh, and the dresses- aren't they adorable?  Aunt LoLo made matching dresses for our girls- I took one home for Mimi too, but my kids come in one size: large.  Poor Mimi never had a chance to wear her "newborn" size dress.  Patterns are from the indomitable Rae- it's her free Itty Bitty Dress, all grown up for big girls!  Fabric is from Ikea.  Because Aunt LoLo really digs Ikea fabric.


Aunt LoLo said...

This post (and the pictures!!!!) were what I needed today. Thanks, sweetie. (We didn't make it to conference. :-( Ming Wai brought home a nasty cough from our travels and I didn't want to scare anyone.)

Teresa said...

I love going to conferences, it such a lift.
Thanks for sharing your with us...almost like being there.
Cute pictures =)

Bobbi Lewin said...

I was just scrolling through to see how behind I was in my reading. I saw the pregnant pic and thought "whaaattt?!?" lol!