Monday, April 19, 2010

Today I have...

New week, and I'm checking in!

So far today, in no particular order:

  • changed 3 diapers
  • cleaned the kitchen twice
  • made one batch of blueberry muffins
  • threw one tantrum when Ernie refused to even try the muffins
  • Finished this month's Real Simple magazine (during that tantrum)
  • Supervised the cleaning of Ernie's bedroom and playroom (after that tantrum)
  • said Hello to Wonder Daddy when he got back from his early-morning bike ride
  • weeded 2 sections of the yard that will be bull dozed in the next week or so (why??)
  • stared despondently at my daffodils, daylilies, crocosmia, bluebells, lungwort, lilac, mint, and lemon balm, which are all in the bulldozer path (I'll pull up the bulbs and dry them, and put the lung wort in another part of the yard.  Mints can be potted.)
  • vacuumed half the house
  • sorted 3 loads of laundry
  • fixed 2 snacks
  • made lunch for the girls
  • made bean dip for Wonder Daddy and I
  • rescued the baby from her crib (it wasn't even 6 yet!)
  • responded to e-mails
  • read some blogs
  • linked a tutorial over at Mad In Crafts (go check it out, people are linking their favorite tutes. Very cool!!
  • Hung the diapers out to dry/bleach (first time this year, yay!)
  • Helped Wonder Daddy put together my new compost tumbler (double hooray!)
  • Took a bunch of pictures of things that need to be Freecycled/Craigslisted

I still need to 
  • wash a load of diapers
  • make a new batch of soy milk
  • teach 2 piano lessons
  • make dinner (umm...ideas??  I know there will be braised kale involved...)
  • go for a run with my friend
  • buy new shoes for the girls (how did they outgrow everything so fast??)
  • Start planting the garden (WHERE, I don't know- we had planned on the yard being done by now...I think I'm container and border planting again this year...maybe the boxes will be done in time for tomatoes and peppers, and the fall garden...)
  • Breathe :)
How's your week going so far?


Alexandra said...

Was that all?! LOL Mamas sure keep busy, don't they.

I've been working at the garden as well...little bits at a time. I planted the tomatoes today. I'll post pictures soon. :)

Ticia said...

That's all? Oh crud, I better get my own dinner started.

Su said...

Whew! Busy, busy gal.
One day I too will keep tabs, it may surprise the hubby how much gets done around the house when he's not around. :)

Aunt LoLo said...

Sounds like fun!!
Today, so far, I have...
Had a shower
Got dressed
Made the bed
Fed the kids breakfast
Kissed the hubs goodbye
Answered e-mails.

Not bad for 8 am! LOL

Sam said...

Oh, I loved reading this list! It reminded me there are people out there who have days like mine. Only yours involves more vegetables. And cleaning. Wait, maybe I should be feeling bad.

So far today I have:

woken up
gotten Jarrah dressed and brushed her hair
read e-mail and blogs
read the newspaper
eaten breakfast
stressed about my dentist appointment

I think that's all. Oops. :)

Bobbi Lewin said...

Wow, that wore me out just reading it!

Teresa said...

I didn't read "take a nap" in there anywhere.
You are one busy gal.