Tuesday, March 23, 2010

You Know I Love You

When I show you this. Oh my snargled trouser socks. Will you look at that mess?

Randrom dresser, dragged home after a run with my friend. Check.
Ironing draped over multiple surfaces. Check.
Piles of to-be-remade clothing stacked everywhere. Check and check.
Stack of boxes for the recycle bin. Check.
Boxes and boxes of fabric to be sorted. Check.
Random items from the house tucked into the last "baby lock on the handle" room in the house. Oh yeah, baby.

Finally, a promise of a room to stay in when my husband's aunt comes to town. Yeah. Ummmm.....yeah. This is it!  Just kind of screams "We're so glad you're here!" doesn't it?

Fabric is sorted now. See? Cottons- prints and solids.

Ducks, denims, jerseys

All things plastic- polyester, rayon, wind-stop, fleece. Oh, and flannel too.
Boxes are recycled, trash is trashed, the dresser is moved to a proper spot...just need to stash away the boxes of things for our next garage sale, and get the ironing done.  Maybe organize my beading supplies that are slowly flowing over the entire window ledge.

Oh, and make a curtain for the doorway of that closet.  Because a storage closet is NEVER a pretty thing.  And gee- I think I have enough fabric to do it!  Heh.  (Oh yeah- there are two more filing boxes full of the BIG pieces.  Sheesh.)


Aunt LoLo said...

All the picture links broke! :-(

But I'm proud of you for all your progress. :-)

Ticia said...

wah, the pictures aren't showing up. I so need to get busy on my costume for this weekend's Ren Fest...... I have shorts, that's it, and the shorts aren't really all finished, I have to finsih the bottom.

Debbie said...

Good job! After the kids went back to school, I thought I would dive right in on all the projects I need to do. No, I dove into a sinus infection! Maybe soon:)
And thanks for liking my suggestions for LoLo's blog name - seems like my vote and yours should count extra, don't you think?