Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kids Made This: Splatter Art

I wish you could have seen the concentration that went into this! Picture a child kneeling on a tall wooden chair, paper in front of her, intense concentration on her face, and a fat marker grasped firmly with both chubby fists and held high over her head...to be brought down BAM BAM BAM BAM! See? Splatter art :)
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Ticia said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! Yes, the concentration is always wonderful with big messes.

Aunt LoLo said...


Alexandra said...

Cuuute! :)

Elizabeth G. said...

Hi, remember me? I haven't been blogging recently and won't be able to for a few weeks while my computer is at the manufacturer's for hardware issues. I check my e-mail at the library and at friends'.

Well, I had to write you a quick note because tonight at Relief Society, the ladies who write the Food Storage Made Easy blog, came to demonstrate their storage system. WOW. Take a look by googling that name. Their resources are incredible.

PLUS! They ground white beans in their wheat grinder (do you have one yet?) and used bean flour, water and chicken boullion to make cream of chicken soup! It's fast, easy, inexpensive, very tasty and sooooo healthy! The recipe is on their blog site (put cream of chicken soup in their recipe search!).

These ladies were a blast and really have me excited about my project to regularly use my food storage and to do more urban homesteading.

Now, I'm thinking about getting chickens! :)

Okay, will write again soon - Elizabeth

Catherine Anne said...

I love it!!!! What a cutie