Thursday, March 25, 2010

Have Scissors, Will Destroy Clothing

Ernie had a little too much with with some orange sidewalk chalk last summer (why YES it takes me a long time to start projects- why do you ask?) and orangified her very favorite "bow shirt." A pair of scissors got ride of the stained bodice and sleeves, and a bit of scrap jersey became a tube skirt, with a big 'ol pleat in the front.

It took me THREE TRIES to ge the silly skirt and shirt sewed together so that they both faced out at the same time. Thank you Aunt LoLo for finally setting me straight.

I think Ernie likes it! I'm not sold on the length (I measured her neck-knee...and then cut a skirt of that length. Yeah. And I'm in charge of raising children??) but she loves long skirts so I think we'll keep it. It's a good play dress for indoors, not great for parks. But with the number of rainy days we have, I think she'll get good use out of it!

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Aunt LoLo said...

Is the front notched on bottom?? It looks fancy! Good job. :-)

Anna said...

I love that she is waering her glitter red shoes. Kara has been wearing her's with everything lately, even though they are too small and give her blisters. I need to remember to make them disappear when she's sleeping.

Su said...

It's so cute! SHE's so cute too. I love the pleat detail in the front

Ticia said...

I won't even tell you of the horrors of the dress I worked on all last night. Ugh, it was not good.