Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Update

My goodness, I just kind of...faded there, didn't I?  Or, are you like me these days (BUSY) and didn't really notice?

Me neither- here I am Saturday night, and I haven't said bumpkuss in days!

My grandma is sick.  My grandpa is sick.  (My dad's parents.)  They're in and out of the hospitals more than usual lately.  It's kind of been all-consuming in an always-on-the-back-of-my-mind, and updates-daily kind of way.  So pretty much always actively thinking or passively ruminating.  Grandma turns 80 tomorrow, and I found out this morning we're all invited down for a birthday party- yeah!  Depending on how things go, and where we meet, and how many people are there, we might get to see her for half an hour, or it might be all afternoon.  Since it's a 7-hour round-trip car ride with two small children on a Sunday (we'll see how my sanity is doing after 7 hours of listening to classical and Mo-Tab) I'm hoping we can have a nice visit :o)  Anyways, I could talk for miles on this subject.

I'm up to my ears in garden planning, too.  We're still busily moving our front yard to the back yard, wheelbarrow-load by wheelbarrow-load.  We made HUGE progress today, with 2 extra Strong Men helping.  (Is that Strong Men that are extra, or Men that are Extra Strong?  Yes? Both?)  Big, big thanks to Dad and my brother for helping out!  I'm pretty sure we owe you something a little more awesome than barbecued polish dogs (that YOU provided), although it WAS a tasty dinner.  Man.  Am I lucky, or what?  We're to the point in this project where the little girl in my head is yelling- I didn't mean it!  Put it all back!  Hit undo!  This will never end, this will never work!  I don't need gardening space, I can't possibly keep them alive!  But, inner hysterics notwithstanding, Wonder Daddy continually assures me that it will be great, he has a plan, and everything will be FINE.  What if the sun never shines there?  What if it all comes crashing down? What if the slugs eat EVERYTHING, and our neighbor's dog tramples the rest?  If you want to see more about what we're planting this year (and it's a BIG list) I talk about it at DIY Mama.

I heard back from the talent show gals- I'm in, with one song, with an accompanist please.  I'm excited that my mom agreed to accompany me- we haven't performed together in years.  She's a genius at reading chords and making up an accompaniment, which I'm excited about.  Most showtune accompaniment is just the melody plus chords, and it's so distracting to have the piano playing my notes!  (Especially if I decide to mess around with them.)  So we'll do "Summertime" from Porgy and Bess, nice and bluesy and slow.  With everything else going on, this hasn't seemed quite the Big Deal it did back in February when I auditioned, but I'm excited and it will be fun.

I looked around the house today and realized there are a few projects we've done that I haven't shown you- oops!  Watch for updates on those :)


Catherine Anne said...

You are busy! Life is busy. I do what I can to slow mone as much as I can. I would love to know more about your garden plans. We too have plans but are only on our 2nd year having a large garden. Im also lifting your grandparents up in prayer~

Sam said...

Nice try at the Yiddish there. There's no "m," by the way. But very nice. ;)

Hope your grans are on the mend soon. And congrats on the song!

Aunt LoLo said...

I missed it...where was the yiddish?

I've missed you, Myrn. ;-)

Teresa said...

Sounds like me...I haven't posted in awhile. I'm off in TX helping our son.
Way to go about the talent show.....if you lived closer I would have you sing for my spring event. =)

Ticia said...

I love Summertime! Congrats on getting in.
I understand the need to say "Undo" sometimes with big projects. It can get intimidating.
Hope the grandparents get to feeling better soon.

Bobbi Lewin said...

I'm sorry to hear your grandparents are doing poorly; I hope you had a good visit for your grandma's birthday.

Summertime is one of my favorite songs! You could record it and put it on your blog!

Elizabeth G. said...

Hurrah! You are in the show. I'm very happy for you. Have hubby film it and then post it on your blog!

I never told you this, but when I recently went to see that poor performance of "Fiddler on the Roof", one of Tevye's daughters looked so much like you I had to read the program and make sure it wasn't you. She was the only decent performer, but she is an alto, not a soprano like you.

I have been really busy, too. Plus, I'm having computer probs, which means I will have to take in my computer and won't have it with me for a probably two weeks. Ugh. I'll do that in a few days.

So, you are putting your front lawn in your backyard and will be veggie gardening in the front? Do I have that right? Is there more sun in front?

We will be needing to till soon. Ugh, I wish I had a few tricks to keep out weeds. My veggie garden is very large and those weeds..Ugh, I have nightmares that they are overrunning everything!

Su said...

All the best with your grandparents, Myrnie.

And, I excited for you! Go, you!