Friday, March 12, 2010

My Magic Shirt

I have a magic shirt.

Watch this!

Not pregnant.


See? It's MAGIC!!

*Backstory: Friends have complimented me on this shirt, so I wore it to a family get together recently. As I stood in the background, snapping photos, my grandmother's voice rang out and said something that stopped everyone: "Is there something you'd like to tell us, Myrnie?" a big shirt, Grandma! Just a big shirt! I laughed SO HARD- I've never gotten that question before! What a funny memory :)

**With apologies to Jane Austen, " everyone knows, a woman with a toddler MUST be in want of a baby."

*** I saw a friend today for the first time in months. She confided she had EXPECTED to find me three months pregnant.

****I am not pregnant. Mom? NOT pregnant :)

***** If I were to BECOME pregnant this month, my two youngest would be... 27 months apart. When will I stop constantly calculating that number?

****** If we were to start TRYING this month, our youngest would be... 30-36 months apart. If history is an indicator.

******* Is pregnancy a "pre-existing" condition?

******** Did I just talk myself into our next baby?

********* Ernie told me the other day that Mimi can share her bed with her, when she's bigger. And the next baby after that can, too, when he's big enough. And when she runs out of room in her bed for all the other babies, they can sleep on her floor with pillows and sleeping bags.
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Ticia said...

It's magic! I don't want one of those shirts, no need to add that speculation here.

Casey said...

Ha ha! I think you need another baby. :)

Aunt LoLo said...

Yes, Pregnancy is a pre-existing condition. Take that into consideration. ;-)

And...I'm wearing the same red shirt today! *grin*

Tammy said...

How good for you to never have been asked that question... I get it from work people (and I don't mean demented older folk) all the time. The worst was when I WAS pregnant (and about 7 months so) and someone from work told me that they thought I had just been gaining a lot of weight... funny how it isn't fun to be mistaken either way...