Thursday, July 24, 2008


Wonder Daddy has been taking a week or two off from studying (he's either been in school or studying for the CPA exam for AS LONG AS I'VE KNOWN HIM), and we all went to the park Tuesday night. Ernie hasn't stopped talking about it since- her daddy is so good at playing (especially right now while I'm....ummm....large with child.)

Enjoy the pics!

Can you see the concentration in her face? The puffer-fish cheeks? Tennis is serious business! (These next few are for you, Uncle LoLo) Click on the picture to see it bigger.

Wait till I've thrown the ball!!!

She didn't care where the ball was, so long as she got it with the racket. She "got it" right after this shot.

This was her major accomplishment for the evening- she could make it across these things They're on loops at the top, and chained to the ground at the bottom so they pivot and swing a bit.

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