Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

Here are a few pictures from our celebrations- it was remarkably quiet last night. LoLo and crew are in Connecticut, Aunt B was at EFY, and my two brothers are at the family "hunting cabin" in the middle of the Okanogan National Forest (with friends and rifles. Are we scared?? Oh yeah.)

So my small party joined Bobby and Mom-Mom for pigs in blankets and and assortment of salads, and spent the evening entertaining Ernie with 2 inch fountains, pop-its, whistling peets, and other such things. We ended up staying till 11 pm, after watching the fireworks show on television. Ernie was up at 1 (whimpering, no blankets), 3 (on the floor), 5:30 (crawling in bed with me), 7:00 (crying because I wasn't in bed- I was in hers), and finally 9:00 after her First Movie at the Big House. J came to bed around 5:00, after studying for an upcoming exam...and Ernie and I woke up with Bobby's head cold/infection. But it was a fun evening, and 4th of July only happens once a year!

Enjoy the pictures.

Who gave my little girl a 3,000 degree flaming stick, and told her to wave it around!! She loved the sparklers.
If this picture had sound, you'd hear Mom-Mom hoarsely yelling in the background "Put out that flame!" These are M-5000's. Did I mention all of the flammable goodies came from a large stash my brothers squirreled away last year?

Dance, Daddy! Here we have Bobby teaching Ernie to "blow up Daddy!" She loved the pop-its.

The masterminds behind the show. They're probably chuckling because Grandma just told them "no more noisy ones!"

We brought an assortment of poppers. They were cool...until the flames came out.

Whistling Peet. She wasn't too fond of those.

Happy Independence Day, everyone!

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Aunt LoLo said...

Fly, daddy, fly! Looks like y'all had fun.

Lo Gung and crew came in around 1:30 am. Happy 4th!