Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What is it?

First off, thanks for all your encouraging words about Ernie's upcoming therapy. By nature I like to let things work out on their own, but really want Ernie to have a good experience going into Sunbeams and then kindergarten.

Second, we took poor Ernie to the doctor this morning- her drippy nose from yesterday turned into a screaming ear ache late yesterday, followed by hives on her face and arms (they went away when we washed her), and this morning her eyes were streaming green goo. The doctor took one look in her ear and declared she had no idea why Ernie was even standing still, it was so incredibly infected in there. So she's on amoxicillin now, and if that doesn't also clear up the pink eye we have an eye drop prescription we can get filled. (This was the 18th ear ache our doctor has seen this week- this cold is making the rounds!) We followed her doctor visit with my regular check up (only one pound gained in the last month- this is MUCH different than the last pregnancy when I was gaining up to 4 pounds a week right around now!!) and we're looking forward to a doctor-free day tomorrow, and incoming guests: Nana, Bobby, B, Boy, and...sorry, still no name for Aunt J.

And finally, what is this? I planted zuchinni in a little hill. Nothing sprouted, but I noticed something that looked like a geranium coming up a few feet away. I assumed someone had thrown a houseplant out there and the roots survived- I let it alone to see if it would bloom. Sunday, my mom invited me to take home squash starts from her green house, and I found out she had at least twenty little plants that looked much like my "geranium." Cool- I'm going to have zuchinni after all. But, the thing is it keeps getting taller and just sprouted these 1 inch purple flowers along the main stalk. So what is it? Geranium? Squash? Noxious weed that I should have stomped when I had the chance? I think I planted black beauty zuchinni, but how would it have traveled 3 feet? Birds, rain, little girl playing with my shovel...?

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