Saturday, July 26, 2008


Have you ever made a to-do list for a certain day, and actually completed it? My house is littered with pads of paper, filled with to-do lists requiring Herculean effort to accomplish in one day. Or year. But today...we did it!

This morning I made a batch of this.

Plain Yogurt (will be made into cucumber raita tomorrow)

Followed by this.
Whole Wheat Bread

And then this.
Strawberry Jam

Then Ernie slept, followed by a trip to the library with Wonder Daddy. They zipped home for swimsuits, and we all went to the lake. Followed by zipping home for dry clothes and a bowl of strawberries, and we stopped by the neighborhood block party at the park. Then Ernie finished off the evening with a bath, eating leftover strawberries and blowing bubbles. (I've never seen a cleaner way to eat strawberries, OR blow bubbles, than in a bath tub. Have you?)

After her bed time, I made a batch of this. Cute, eh? And look- I have all my visiting teaching, home teaching, and neighbor Christmas gifts done! If I want to get really crazy in December, I'll make some sort of bread to go with this. Or I'll just slap on a bow, sign a card, and wish them a VERY merry Christmas!
Sure-Jell Recipe Strawberry Freezer Jam

What do you think...nesting?? I think we're finally done with jam, though- I now have 6 kinds in the cupboard (if you count the raspberry jam of '06 with my MIL). I think I'm done with jam for a few YEARS, actually! If I can get my hands on green beans, or stone fruit, I'll pack and can those. I don't think our garden will produce enough of any one thing this year to make more than one meal of at a time.


Aunt LoLo said...

Go, Go Wonder Woman!

Erynn said...


I'm just reading your blog for the first time, and it's lovely. I was getting all ready to comment on how your day looked just like my favorite days when I realized the child you are referring to as Ernie is a little girl! That's so funny, because my mother has always called ME Ernie. It's not common, I don't think. Is Ernie really an Ernie, or is it a nickname for Erin (or Erynn, as I am)?

Happy blogging!

Erns (short for Ernie, derived from Erynn)