Friday, July 18, 2008

Putting Things Back in Order

Do you ever look around, and wonder how you've gotten SO lax about things? Oh sure, it's easy to say "but this and this and this happened, and that's why we do it this way" and that may be very true...but it doesn't change the end result!

Case in point: The prophet said to keep computers in a well-trafficked area of the home (and I can't find the direct quote right now. Anyone know which General Conference that was in?) I've known that for years, and done that. When we moved, this was our plan: big computer in the den downstairs, for J's music, and no internet connection. I would keep the laptop at home to work on during the day, he'd study at night or on the big computer if I was in the room.

What really happened? He uses the laptop on the bus to study, and I started working in the den during Ernie's naps. Oops. However, since he's biking home from work this week his laptop is staying home. I dutifully brought it upstairs to work with Ernie slept...and realized that no matter what, there IS no well-trafficked area of our home during the day! Ernie is either asleep or with me, depending on the time of day, no matter where I sit and work.

We're getting back to basics around here. What about you? How is your life right now- when was the last time you sat down and ran through a check list of everything you've promised yourself you would be faithful in doing?


No-L said...

It has been a while. Thanks for thinking of this, it is a good time do that! Mary you're so awesome!

No-L said...

So I look and this is all I could find about the computer comment "Putting a computer in a private room that the rest of the family cannot access could be the starting point for a deceitful and dangerous journey."
President Dieter F. Uchtdorf - A Matter of A Few Degree May Ensign 2008