Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 29, 2014

I found this gem of a post in my drafts- just warm sunny pictures of family at our neighborhood beach.  It was a great summer for the beach, even though we weren't living in the neighborhood- we spent the summer at my parents' while our house was remodeled.  It was supposed to just be a kitchen remodel, but then the basement flooded.  We ended up touching every room in the house except the three upstairs bedrooms, and even those our GC went in and wired smoke alarms for us.

Mimi also lost her first tooth.  She really thought the tooth fairy was going to bring her a toy, and she moved the tooth after I shut off the lights.  I don't think the tooth fairy found the tooth until breakfast time, when Mimi was chattering about how the fairy never came even though she moved the tooth so it would be easier to find!

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