Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 22, 2014

Two little spotted deer, trotting after Mama.

BLUE.  So blue.  I love it!  Painters arrived at the house Monday, and will keep working until everything is done.  Basically the entire house is being painted, except three bedrooms and a hallway bathroom.  The only walls they are painting that didn't get drywall work done  are the hallway walls upstairs.  There was a prodigious amount of drywall work done, between replacing moldy drywall, fixing horrible patch jobs, new can lights installed, moving doorways, and such and such and such!

Everyone is still settling into summer it seems.  I kept Cocoa home from day camp today- it runs into his nap time and today was the "splash day" with water guns, sprinklers, and swim suits.  The weather was cool and misty, he's three, and big boys with water guns seemed like a bad idea.  His nap ran almost two hours longer than normal, the kid was tired!!  The girls had a blast at camp and came home with stories about play practice, trampoline squabbles, and capture the flag drama.  Perfect.

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