Monday, July 7, 2014

Independence Day Weekend

Independence Day was beautiful and wonderful this year- we biked up to the annual church breakfast in this neighborhood and watched the kids re-enact the Boston Tea Party (throw it overboard!) and ate lots of great fruit.  

We needed some bike supplies, and I convinced everyone that was we needed was Chinese buns for lunch to celebrate the holiday. They made an awesome lunch while we watched a World Cup soccer match on my parents big screen. 

A quiet afternoon, I slept through a few party invitations (what?  I have friends that throw parties now??) and we watched fireworks all around the lake from the deck once the sun went down.  It's my favorite place to be on the Fourth of July, and it's been years since I got to sit there.  I loved it, the girls were entranced.  Cocoa fell asleep in my lap, long day for a little dude!

My brother surprised us with a visit over the weekend, it was great to have everyone together for a meal.  

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