Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 23, 2014

J decided that yesterday was "Spoil Myrnie Day."

He made an amazing meal for us all- extra bonus points for the plating effort!

He sent me out on a walk after the kids went to bed- thunder woke Cocoa and I up at 6:00, and it rained steadily all day long.  There was a brief lull in the evening long enough for me to get a mile in.

We had a slow day here.  Cocoa and I watched Totoro before everyone else got up.  I supervised the morning cereal, packed lunches, and cleaned the kitchen.  We dropped the girls off at drama camp and went back to our house to pick up some carpet samples my aunt left for me.  Cocoa and I watched a bit of "The Music Man" and I fixed us lunch before taking him up for camp.  I went back to the house, at request of my aunt, to check and make sure the colors all made it into the correct walls.  Boy.  Being inside all those blue walls is like being in a aquarium!  It will be totally fine once art, curtains, furniture, etc. goes in but it feels pretty humorous right now.

I spent my alone time (90 minutes) tweaking piano studio policies, practicing piano, ordering the light fixture for our dining room, and stress eating while looking up pictures of blue rooms to find out if it's possible to make it look not like a crazy lady picked the colors.  It is.

I got the kids from camp, put Cocoa down for his nap, let the girls play screen time, and I looked at possible schedules for us next year as well as a few art classes in the area.  Nothing is fitting perfectly- one is part of a co-op that I haven't decided we want to jump into again, one is at the wrong time, and one is close and a great price but may really mess up nap time.

We finished watching Music Man and J got home shortly after that.

Slow day!

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