Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Second Hike in Sedona

So, at this point in our story we've been in Sedona for a few hours.  We're finishing a hike, the light is fading, but sunset is just barely starting.  We want to get up to the lookout at the trail head to see what we can see.

First off, it's a pretty empty day on the trails.  It's December, the temperature is in the 30's, and it was raining earlier in the day.  I was expecting mud, but the air is so dry that while the ground looked like mud (gloopy, swirled) it was hard and...dry.  So, so dry.

We met one couple, coming back from about where we turned around.  We chatted for a few minutes about what was up ahead, and she (it was a man and woman) mentioned that she'd met a really nice man during their hikes that day. He gave her a rock carved into a heart!  So fun.  We parted ways, traveled on for a bit, and turned around.

Little pile of rocks shrine.  There were lots of these, the closer we got to the look out


Coming back, we could hear a man talking somewhere up in the rocks, REALLY well.  Like I said, the acoustics are amazing there.  So as we're walking up to the lookout, and I hear the voice again.  And of course I am going to stop him (and the woman with him) and congratulate him on projecting so well.  Because I am so far away from home, and I haven't slept in years, and I'm hours from my kids, and I've been hiking, and I'm so pumped up on endorphins from all the hiking and sunshine and red rocks and being away from my kids it's not even funny.

And....he knows he projects well.  He comes up here nearly every day to play his flute (EEP!  It's the flute man!).  He meditates up there.  Well, then...are there any vortexes around here?  Because I'm hiking in Sedona, and I would REALLY like to hike through a vortex.

Oh yes.  See those rocks behind us?  Where you're headed?  THAT one is the warrior rock.  THAT one is the kuchina rock.  The vortex is where the energies meet.  The warrior holds the masculine energy  the kuchina holds the feminine.  I want you two to go up there and just sit and meditate.  Sit TOGETHER, OK?  Just soak up all that energy from the rocks, and if you have any bad feelings or worries or troubles, let Mother Earth soak them in. Just let them flow out.  OK?

And then he gave me a rock carved into a heart.  "Oh!"  I exclaim.  "Did you make this?"  He smiles reluctantly and indulgently at my incredibly inept question. "I helped it become what it is."

"Oh.  It's beautiful.  I promised my daughter I would bring her home a special rock, thank you!"  At this he asks how many daughters I have and gives me two MORE, because this one was meant as a gift for you.


So now, I'm completely overwhelmed by all of this, and I'm still just buzzing with endorphins and I have Wonder Daddy so tight by the hand it's not even funny.  So of course I offer him a gift.  "No, no.  I don't need a gift."

"Oh, but we're MUSICIANS.  We sing!  We can sing you a song!"  So now the woman with him is kind of squealing and clapping and can't wait to hear our song and I give my husband my most adoring, PLEADING look, and we launch into Silent Night at sunset in the middle of a trail in Sedona, a week before Christmas, for two people who have just told us to talk to Mother Earth.  Because that's the kind of thing I do.  Apparently.

Kuchina Rock
Kuchina Rock

Warrior Rock
Warrior rock

Oh, and we walked up to the rocks.  Wonder Daddy saw the warrior rock and said "LET'S CLIMB IT!"  I declined and went and meditated at the Kuchina rock, and thought about all the women who had been there before.  Who had touched this rock and tried to leave their worries here.  They'd left behind trinkets-- shiny beads and figurines-- tucked among the rocks.


It was a beautiful evening.



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