Monday, January 28, 2013

Garden Walk In the High Desert

It was cold in Arizona. And dry. And windy.

But, I found some color on a walk one day. All the yards are xeriscaped with different colors of rocks, but some intrepid souls hid water lines under those rocks to feed a few plants.

Trimmed witch hazel, I think?
No clue.  But more red!

Another witch hazel?

OK, I'm stumped.  Beauty berry?  But isn't it pretty??

(One of my very least favorite things about traveling is that I have no idea what the plants are.  Even if I've seen them at home, they always look a bit different in different environments.  I figured this out when I spent a summer in Provo, UT and took daily walks and lamented every single day that I couldn't name anything.  The weeds and grasses are the worst to identify, and I couldn't write home about the beautiful ....thing....because I couldn't name it!  If anyone can recommend a REALLY GREAT plant ID app or book, I would be so grateful!  I haven't found one yet that didn't seem extremely limited in scope.  For example my "Weeds of the West" book that generally covers California.  Helpful.)

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