Friday, January 25, 2013

IPhone Photos from a Christmas in Arizona

How's that for a title? After a long Christmas vacation to visit Wonder Daddy's family, this is what I've got on my phone.

Man, I miss the sunshine.

Testing out a new piece of recording equipment.  Like father, like son :)

Snow in the high desert.  And sunshine.  Sob.

In-N-Out burger.  Double-double, animal style.  Sadly...or thankfully...I prefer Five Guys now!  Which is good, because In-N-Out doesn't operate in Washington.

Entertaining Cocoa with selfies.  I love that my new phone has a camera on the screen side- Cocoa and I play this game a LOT :)
Met up with some old/new friends.  I used to catch the school bus at the end of his driveway, back in 3/4/5th grade.  He and his amazing wife live just a few miles from my husband's family now- small world!

More fun with Cocoa's face.  I love his face.

Cousins, with their lovies- these two are just a few weeks apart in age.  But not in size.  But sakes alive, that little Cam-Man just hops everywhere, and talks up a storm.  (No really- he hops all over the place, like a bunny. He weighs like 20 pounds, I'm sure.  Cocoa is pushing 30+...hello MY STURDY GENES+DAD'S HEIGHT.)

Nothing to see here.  Just chillaxin'.


On the way to the airport.  Blue skies.  SOB.  Nana, can we be snowbirds?  We'll just buy an RV and camp in your driveway for January/February every year.  I'm sure Wonder Daddy could figure out a way to telecommute....for 8 weeks straight...yeah.

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