Friday, February 1, 2013

Things I Love: Rory's Story Cubes

My kids has always loathed writing.  First, it was forming the letters.  Then, the spelling.  Then, putting together paragraphs, stories, persuasive arguments...pretty much everything.  Word smithing, not her thing.

I found this game I thought the kids would like, and might help her learn to put together stories- Rory's Story Cubes.  

Rory's Story Cubes

They are less than $8 on Amazon, and are eligible for free Prime shipping.  SCORE.

It's 9 plastic dice, each with different pictures on each side.  54 pictures in all, over 10,000,000 possible combinations when you roll all nine.

Once you roll them, you use the pictures to make a story.  Easy peasy!  My girls picked it up, and took turns using all nine cubes before passing them to the next gal.  

My family (me, my mom, my sister, her husband, HIS mother, my other sister, and I) sat around playing it on a Sunday evening.  A few notable things:
1)  My family NEVER plays games.  Ever.
2)  My sister's mother-in-law doesn't speak English.
3) My mom is a writer.  You WANT to play this game with her, she's fabulous.
4)  My contribution to the stories generally involved a giant stomping everything flat, or everyone disappearing down a dark hole.  My fellow word-smiths didn't think it was very easy to pick up where I left it off.  Ha.  

With her son translating our stories to her, and her part of the story to us, we rolled the dice and took turns each adding one cube to the story.  

We love this game, even *I* love this game and I don't like playing games.  There's no score, there's no competing (except for laughs) and there's no set time.  Game Wright, the folks who created this (and there are others out there, but this is what we bought) have other sets of dice you can add to this.  One has verbs, and another is just nouns.  We were scheming last night to get another set or two and have a MONSTER STORY CRAFTING event at our family reunion this summer.  

Disclaimer: Just my opinions.  Ain't nobody asking me to say this stuff.  

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