Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Our Trip to Sedona (with lots of pictures)

During our Christmas holidays in Arizona, the hubby and I took an overnight trip to Sedona to sleep/celebrate our anniversary/take some time away from the kiddos.  (And sleep.  Did I mention that?  Because I slept 13 hours STRAIGHT that night, and it was amazing!)

This was our second time there, and we knew we wanted to get some hiking in.  Sedona is amazing and gorgeous and very, very New Age.  Folks that believe in reincarnation, spaceships, alien abduction, life forces, auras, mind reading....they gather there.  There are 7 vortexes there, I believe.  Some sort of swirling conglomeration of Energy.  Supposed to be really great for you.

Anyway, we went hiking, it was gorgeous, and I took my camera.

We head over the mountains and go through a little town called Jerome.  It's tiny, and it's literally perched on the side of a mountain.  Kind of precariously.



Once we reached Sedona, we found our first hike.  And our first Thing We Didn't Understand.  This little clay fellow was perched at the trail head, slowly disintegrating.  Why?  Perhaps to show the ethereal nature of art.  Or Life.  Or maybe it's like a voodoo doll, and someone's life is slowly falling apart somewhere.  Or maybe it's a worry doll, and as it gets taken apart by nature, the worries will just flow away.  I don't know, but it's beautiful.


So we get into the hike, and hear flute music.  Like a tribal flute music kind of thing.  Wooden flute, incense type of music.  There's a fellow on top of a rock formation a good ways away, playing a flute, then pausing to swing an incense ball, and then goes back to his flute.  (The acoustics here are incredible.)  And we pass a barefoot hiker (the temperature is in the 30's) who will walk and then pause.  And listen.  And walk a bit.  Perhaps there's energy in the rocks?


The hike was amazing.  I loved the agave plants.


The rock formations are just breathtaking.  I can see why there are so many New Age folks here- you can't see this and not believe in SOMETHING.  It just stirs it up.




This is about where we turned around- the light was going, and we did NOT walk to be on this trail in the dark!


MAN he is one good looking man.  Sheesh.


OK, so after this hike we went on a tiny jaunt up to a lookout, because the sun was just starting to set.  And it got weird, but it's a long story, so I'm going to break this story right here.

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