Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March 27th, 2012

I'm still alive and kicking over here.  When I'm tired, I get depressed and grumpy, and I really don't want to complain in this space...so I don't say anything at all!  (I'm like Thumper, except I've learned my lesson...."If you can't say somethin' nice, don't say nothin' at all.")

Anyway.  We had guests for dinner.  And I made too much food- did you know that two chickens, 2 pounds of pesto green beans (plus a handful of baby potatoes), a loaf of bread, a big salad, and two bunches of roasted asparagus is too much for 4 adults and 5 picky kids under the age of 9?  Oh, and the two apple pies plus ice cream.  That apparently was too much as well.  BUT, the good news is that we had four drumsticks at our disposal.  That made the kids happy.  And we got to see adults and get to know them better, and that made US happy.  Plus, we have a lot of leftovers.  That makes me happy, because dinner was delicious!

Sunday we had a big dinner too.  My dad has a grilled scallop recipe down PAT.  He makes up a few for dinner every week for he and my mom.  He offered to cook up a whole bunch for our family dinner, and WOW.  So good.  He gleefully reminded me, when Ernie showed her obvious enjoyment, that the dinner cost more than my monthly grocery spending.  SO VERY GOOD.  SO NOT HAPPENING AT OUR HOUSE, ERNIE.  (He must have cooked...oh...80 scallops?  For 7 adults and 5 kids?  A couple of us were sick that night, it wasn't quite the crew we normally have.  But still.  We were WELL fed.  Plus a Costco bag of greens....oh my yum.)

(Ernie helpfully told our dinner guests that the leftover chicken bones could be made into soup, and that's her favorite part about chickens.  They can be made into SOUP, isn't that neat?  Our guest was pretty impressed at Ernie's culinary knowledge, but I had to explain how very, very new meat was in our house.  Mama has learned how to cook chickens, and it's changed Ernie's life!  Nevermind that tonight's birds were rotisserie from Costco...)

I've started the "Couch to 5k" running program.  First week is half done, and I'm hopeful that I will keep at it the full 10 weeks!  There's a triathalon/5k at a park close by, in June.  I'm planning on signing up for that... which is kind of brash, considering that the farthest I've ever run is a mile...but maybe if I take it slow, I can make it the whole way!

My husband got to work  yesterday and found this e-mail in his inbox:
I'm moving to Guatemala.  I might be back this afternoon.

Not enough sleep
Woke up to Mimi pooped in her diaper, and Cocoa leaked out of his.  
I need a hair cut.  Maybe I can find a good hairdresser down there?  
Cocoa is squawking, and won't stop.  (Ernie is still asleep.)

I love you, though!  

I didn't move to Guatemala.  But I didn't get any more sleep that day either.  I'm going to look back on these years and miss them intensely, aren't I?  I know I will.  Just thinking about my kids right now makes me all warm and fuzzy, but they're asleep.  I have so much more perspective when they're asleep, don't you?  

We've had some sunshine and temps in the 50's and 60's- I'm slowly making my way around the yard and weeding.  The garlic mustard (invasive weed) is starting to come up.  The buttercups are already forming dense carpets- I've got to get those out now, because they grow in clay.  If I don't dig it up now, they're NOT coming out!  There's a little weed that sends out tiny white flowers at the first hint of sun in the season- they make seed pods that explode when you touch them, which is why parts of our yard are completely infested.  I'm pulling them up too.  Wonder Daddy and my dad took out about 800 pounds of tree limbs/trees on Saturday- we're loving having a truck to haul stuff in!  

Saturday I received my first flowers of the year, as well.  The girls found their favorite little vase- it's going to be a permanent fixture on my kitchen table until the frosts come in the Fall.  It's normally filled with weeds or alyssum.  I love it.

first bouquet of the year- dandelions

We're ordering produce from the co-op again.  Not a bad haul for $16.50!

I think the best news of all right now is that Ernie is doing well.  I love seeing a strong gaze out of those clear blue eyes.  The sunshine is helping everyone feel better.

Wonder Daddy took Mimi out for a ride in the bike trailer Saturday evening (YES, after hauling 800 pounds of wood around the yard.  He's a beast.)  She came home wearing a crown and crowing about eating chicken nuggets- her daddy drove through the drive thru window!  The cashier thought that was the best thing he'd seen all night, haha.


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Bobbi Lewin said...

You will look back and not even remember the sleepless nights or the poop. You will remember the clear blue eyes and the princess in her crown, and your cooking buddy:)