Saturday, March 17, 2012

Colors of the Season


Avocado smoothie with lime and spinach


Cara Cara Oranges, Florida Grapefruit, and Limes

watercolor picture and snowflake

Snowflakes, cut from watercolored coffee filters

tissue paper rainbow

tissue paper rainbow

tissue paper rainbow

Tissue Paper Rainbows

We mixed colors, and then painted

Color mixing activity

watercolor rainbow

Painting with our colored water- it dried brighter!

What an odd time right now.  Snow on Monday, flooding on Friday, and sunny 50's on Saturday.  Winter isn't giving up without a fight, but Spring is coming!  We braved Seattle to visit the aquarium this week, and nearly got washed off the floating bridges trying to drive over Lake Washington.  We declared that afternoon a school holiday and spent the whole afternoon playing downstairs with the doll house and cars.  Cocoa started the week with a terrible fever- 103 on Sunday, but was fine by Tuesday.  Now Mimi has a night cough- I tried to give her a cough drop last night, but the menthol taste didn't agree with her,  and I ended up with a handful of ......ummm....well, her dinner.  And the cough drop.  I suppose catching it is better than washing sheets, right? We'll stick with spoonfuls of honey for her, and warm lemon water (with more honey.)  ("It's 'picy, Mom!"  Not a huge fan of the lemon, but likes not coughing afterwards!)  

Cocoa has learned to go to sleep on his own at bedtime- this is kind of a REALLY big deal!  I knew it was time, he wouldn't fall asleep in my arms anymore.  I hold him tight, and rock during our lullaby ("I Am a Child of God.")  The first night he fussed about 5 minutes, 2nd and 3rd he lasted about 30 seconds.  This was JUST fussing, though.  I love my baby years, I really do.  Today I took him to the grocery store- we stood in the entry of our home, while I got my shoes on, him in my arms.  He lunged towards the door, making his "waving" hands, totally ready to go. When did my boy get so big?

Seems more than just the season is changing right now!


Bobbi Lewin said...

Mmmm! I've been putting avocados in my spinach smoothie and it is so so good!

Alexandra said...

I hope "it" didn't look like the smoothie! ;) We've got some sickies here as well - sinuses an pollen. Hope everyone feels better soon, and congrats to Cocoa sleeping on his own.