Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Art Days and a New Photo Project

three phases of the sun- crayon
Three phases of the sun, by Myrnie

Daily art creation has continued- on the day we learned about the positions of the sun in the sky, we all drew our interpretation.  It was fun to draw, separated from each other, and then come together and compare.  We haven't done nearly enough art and creative time this year, it's wonderful to have it be part of our days again.  (That the baby is older now helps a LOT- he can be happy in his high chair with a cracker, or a piece of paper and some chalk.)

I tackled my pile of magazines a few weeks ago, and tore out all the pages I wanted to keep so I could recycle the rest.  Today I dug out  my neglected "inspiration binders" and starting filling in pages- it was therapeutic!  The kids wanted to join, so I set them down with big pieces of paper, a pile of magazines, scissors, and glue.  I told them to cut out things they wanted to remember, or meant something to them.

Ernie was pretty methodical

Mimi wasn't


inspiration book

I always love flipping through these inspiration notebooks- they span quite a few years of magazines, and it's interesting to me that I've gravitated toward the same look for so long.  I love blues, lavender, rose, white, beach wood, with lots of green.  Lots of natural materials, like wood and grass.  It's the same in my gardening pages, my kitchen pages, my decorating pages...so calming and wonderful.

If you haven't voted yet for Sophia Way today, please take a moment to click over, for me.  Voting closes at midnight tonight (March 20th.)  My Dad especially has worked with them for years- if they win this little Facebook contest they will receive $5,000.  I just found out tonight that they are in the final stages of getting ready to build a facility 3 times the size of their current- they are the ONLY resource for single, homeless, women in our county.  The work they do for women is amazing, and their rehabilitation programs are doing so much good.  As of right *now* we are .7% in the lead...with two hours left.  This has been a tight race!

One more link- this is a complete navel-gazer of a project, but I've been keeping a photo journal of our meals.  We cook simple food, and our grocery bill is normally pretty low (sometimes under $100 for the month, ALWAYS under $200.)  People ask "What do you EAT?"  And I look at them...and wonder....what do YOU eat?  I cook food, and we eat it!  I don't remember what it was!  So, Food on Plates.


J. said...

Awesome ideas!

Su said...

Very cute. I like all the art projects you do with the kids. And it's great that you can include you little boy.