Monday, March 12, 2012

Growing Pains

  • Three teeth cut (that I can see)
  • First steps
  • First wave
  • First point
  • First words (Noooo.....Dada!  DOH!  Which I think means go.)
  • First time feeding himself with a spoon
  • First sip of milk, and first time drinking from his own cup
After a busy week, is it any wonder that his little body is doing everything it can to make him slow down?  Our little boy slept in our arms most of Sunday, and developed a roasting fever in the afternoon.  A long, fretful night (thank you, Wonder Daddy, for holding him a couple hours so I could sleep a bit before the sun came up!) and he is completely wired today.  10:00 and he's still running circles around me and demanding everything he can see in his ever-widening sphere.

Slow down, baby boy.  The world isn't going anywhere.


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