Wednesday, March 7, 2012

End of the Nana Visit

Alas, Nana did eventually need to return to her own family.

Let's see.

Oh, I told you that Saturday was the chocolate factory, McDonald, the movie, the hamburgers, the all-you-can-drink strawberry soda?  Did I mention this happened?

He's walking!

Yeah :)

Sunday was church, and dinner at my husband's grandparents- his mom stayed at their house Saturday and Sunday night.  Dinner was amazing as always- more on that later.

Monday we threw out all the stops- Nana took the girls and their dad out for pancakes, and then to the toy store.  Quick lunch and nap at home, and then an afternoon at the park.  Oh my word was it cold!  But it was sunshine, so we grabbed it.

at the park

(Oh, and just a little reminder: If you get home from the park, and make hot cocoa, and bring the mugs out to the table where everyone is playing Monopoly, and notice how FULL the table is with all the game stuff, don't be surprised when those mugs start going down like dominos.  Drat!  I decanted everyone's drinks into covered cups, and all was right with the world again.)

We ended the day with dinner at home (caramelized onion soup, roasted brussel sprouts, fresh bread) and then an outing for ice cream.

at the park

Can I just say how completely UNDERWHELMED the girls were with my dinner that night?  And with lunch?  (Noodles that I know they loved a few days before.)  Twelve meals in 4 days, and 5 of those were out of my kitchen.  My plain food is nowhere near as good!  Hope they adjust back soon :)

At Baskin Robbins

We absolutely loved having Nana here!


Teresa said...

Wow- his first out =)
Sounds like you had a blast.

J. said...

I love having Nana too! I wish they were both closer.

What I Did Today said...

Love that last pic. She's such a doll. My kids love their Nana too (only the pronounce it "Nina").

Alexandra said...

Wow, congrats big boy! I can't believe he is walking now.