Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Year's End


Last May my husband lost his job and threw himself head first into his teeny business. I found out I was pregnant with our third child. We destroyed our front yard to build it back up as a little urban garden. Ernie started her homeschooling education. Looking back over the year, I just have to be grateful. I won't say that God gives us challenges, but I will unequivocally say that he will help and bless people to meet their challenges, if they do the best they can. And most people on this green earth are doing the best they can, whether we think so or not.

Ernie still isn't over her mystery illness, but we can mostly control her symptoms with a strict diet of no dairy, low-fat, and limited sugar. Fruit, veggies, meat, and whole grains are the order of the day! (Plus a daily dose of vitamins, laxatives, and enzyme supplements.). Bless her little treat-loving heart, she has all kinds of goodies and plans squirreled away for when she's better...and I am looking forward to the day an errant meal doesn't have her sobbing and throwing up in my arms. Pain I can't fix with a Hello Kitty bandage and a "brush it off" is so hard to watch.

Wish me luck on her upcoming birthday party. I think we've settled on angel food cake and strawberries for treats.

My teaching year has drawn to a close, with a recital as the capstone. I am so proud of all my little kids. I've been teaching for nearly 12 years now! It's amazing to hear them play their sonatinas and little pieces, and remember where they started out. Ernie performed in her first recital, she was SO excited! (A little too excited, she ended the evening ill with nerves!) Thanks for letting me ramble on a bit today. Wonder Boy is teething again (perpetual teething with nothing to show for it can start to wear on a guy) and I held him most of Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Thank goodness for baby wraps! Even still, in those four days I read a lot. Really a lot. As in Jane Eyre, two YA fantasy novels recommended by a friend, Little Women, and Secret Garden. Five novels! Thank goodness for free classics on the Kindle app, so I could read while pacing circles around the house with my sobbing and sleeping boy! (And huge thanks to my Dad who held and put to sleep the Wonder Boy so I could focus on my recital kids!). I'm glad to see this year draw to a close (it seems like the end of the school year is more momentous than December 31st, yeah?). This next year is looking so good, with business picking up, a fun curriculum ordered for next year, and some summer plans!


Alexandra said...

Isn't homeschooling nice! It's much easier than many people think. It is what you make it.

You've had so many changes this past year, and you always focus on your blessings rather than complaining about the challenges it brings. I love your upbeat attitude. :) It's a pleasure to come and visit your blogs.

Mama Papaya said...

Here's to flying over the big bumps like they were pebbles. So much has been put before you this year and you have stared it down with such grace, determination and commitment. 'Tis as honor.

Wishing your biggest little much health.

Ticia said...

Love that first picture!

Glad your school year went well!

Teresa said...

Like your positive is forever changing and just when we think we have it all figured changes again. You have your hands full....what a blessing- enjoy.

Sam said...

So happy to hear about all the wonderful changes and progress, and glad that little Ernie is starting to feel better.

Aunt LoLo said...

What a year, what a year. I am SO excited for this summer! Bring on the beach! Bring on the sand! Bring on fruit and sandwiches in the park!

Su said...

I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and am happy to call you a bloggy friend :)
Here's to a great summer

Bobbi Lewin said...

I sure hope Ernie starts feeling better soon. Her strict diet though, sounds like how we should all be eating really. minus the laxatives:)

Five novels in four days is amazing. I'm a very slow reader, and wish I could polish off books like that!