Tuesday, June 14, 2011

These Nights

I snapped some pictures the other night, so I could remember what these years look like.

Every night we have the same bedtime routine: pajamas, brush teeth, and gather to read a few verses of scriptures.  (Some nights it's a VERY few verses!)  After this we say prayers, the girls give Wonder Daddy and I five kisses each (cheek, cheek, chin, forehead, nose!), and give Wonder Boy a little snuggle before galloping to their room to "hide" before Daddy comes in to sing a song to Ernie and read a book to Mimi.  It's not hard to find them, because they always hide behind Ernie's bed and start yelling "Why aren't you coming to find me?!" if we stay behind and chat for more than a minute.

Scripture time

This copy of the Book of Mormon is what we're studying and reading from right now- it was a wedding gift from my husband's side of the family, and has BEAUTIFUL artwork included!  The kids love seeing the pictures.  Ernie has her own dog-eared paperback copy of the Book of Mormon that she reads from (and proudly carries to Sunday School every week.)  Mimi has an illustrated boardbook with stories from the Book of Mormon that she looks through while we read, and she insists on "reading" us a story every night.  Mostly her stories consist of telling us how angry the men are- a lot of the pictures are of very serious men discussing very serious things, apparently.  They're all slightly scowling.

Scripture time

Wonder Boy is pretty happy on a blanket, as long as there's plenty of action going on around him!  By the time prayers come around, he's normally pretty squirrelly and ready for his next snack.  I think he's hitting another growth spurt!


If there's extra time, Ernie loves to color.  LOOOOOVES to color.  She and Mimi both have "art kits" with crayons, colored pencils, and markers- I think they love how official it feels to open their kits and carefully select what to use on their picture.


Mimi is such a goof.  Such an incorrigible GOOF of  a monster!

my monster

After the girls are safely tucked into bed, and after Wonder Boy falls asleep, I'm trying to be good about getting out for a walk around the neighborhood.  Glad it's light at night now, because I don't get out the door until after 9 most nights.  I'm actually going to talk more about this later, but I really REALLY enjoy the quiet alone time!  (I managed to do my entire walk without slowing down tonight!  I'm a speed walker when I'm alone, I actually walk faster than I can jog, so I was kind of pleased with that!)  


Aunt lolo said...

Love this. LOVE

Anonymous said...

Very sweet post and I love the picture of Mimi at the end. Too funny!

Bobbi Lewin said...

I love that picture of Mimi! My 25 year old is here right now. I keep watching this tall man walk around my house, and I'm trying to remember as many moments as I can about when he was little. It's great that you're snapping pictures of the ordinary days; those ones are harder to remember.

What I Did Today said...

Hahahah! Cute pic of Mimi. And go you for walking every night. I need to take a page. Sounds like a lovely nightly ritual.