Friday, June 10, 2011

IRL with Our Best Bites

I KNOW this girl!

OurBestBites 011

The gals behind the cooking blog Our Best Bites are a couple of sweethearts- I went to sunday school with one (Sara, on the left) and with the HUSBAND of the other (Kate, on the right).  They came to our town to do a book signing for their new cookbook, and Aunt LoLo and I were so excited!

Is it me, or does Wonder Boy seem to be a bit friendly with Kate?

(Although, Sara seems awfully excited about the bread Aunt LoLo brought her to keep her strength up!)

OurBestBites 004

It's been such an amazing thing to watch their blog take see them on the cover of a magazine (LDS Living,) to see their cookbook on Amazon and at!!

If you like to cook, and you haven't seen their blog yet...go check it out.  They use honest to goodness NORMAL ingredients, and the food is all fantastic.  Sara served a mission in South America, and the experience really shines through in a lot of her dishes, especially with her love affair with limes and fresh herbs.  They're both young moms, they don't have a ton of time for cooking, and the food is all fast and fresh and yummy.

A huge thanks to Uncle LoLo for taking all four of our big kids while Aunt LoLo and I (and Wonder Boy) hit the town!  Movie and Popcorn Night is fast becoming a Friday tradition at my house (I can't think of a nicer way to stuff my girls full of fiber!) and I was glad to get out to the signing early so we didn't miss our popcorn night!  (Plus, it's HANDS DOWN the easiest cooking night.  Ahem.)

Also, please note: I AM WEARING MAKEUP in that photo.  Yes, I know it doesn't show.  My darling, GORGEOUS twin sister greeted me the other day with the announcement that we are BLEACHING.  It's a highly technical term, apparently, that means we need makeup if you want to see any color variation between forehead, cheeks, lips, and chin.  I look forward to more of these announcements as we near our thirtieth birthday.  Also, daily updates on her latest gray hair count.  (Mine: 1  Hers: More.  Her boy is older than mine.)


Teresa said...

Fun...small world in the church- My daughter just gave me their recipe book for my birthday...sweet.
and by the way you look adorable.
Happy Day

Aunt LoLo said...

Hooray, hooray for book signings and famous friends! heh

Alexandra said...

I'll have to check that blog out! How neat. :) You two look great - now "I" am "bleaching". I just saw pictures of myself hiking, and I look pasty faced! I'm thinking about wearing a little make-up again, just so I don't look sickly.