Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I love my family

I am SO GRATEFUL to live near family.  Seriously.  I wish we still lived close to all the other family members who have moved away (pssshh...who needs education?  Or a job?  Everyone should stay here!)

My niece and Ernie are in a day camp this week, and LOVING IT.  I was nervous when I found out most of the other kids were about 5 years older, but those two girls are sticking together and keeping up, and having a blast doing it!  It's a pretty low-key "camp" put on by the teenage children of a family friend.  Super cute, and every day has a theme.  Today I went to pick up the girls, and watched the big kids guide our tinies around a kickball field.  Way too sweet!

This also means that Aunt LoLo and I are joining forces so the toddlers can nap.  Even if Ernie isn't getting her naps, Mimi WILL!  (And yeah- super glad that E still takes a "rest" every afternoon.  If she doesn't just read for an hour and a half, she'll sleep for a good couple hours.  She needs it!)

rolling onto his side

In other news. Wonder Boy is mobile.  Yes sir, he grabs his chubby little feet, rolls up like a potato bug, and flops onto his side...straightens out...and keeps doing that until he's done a complete 360 degree turn.  I don't think he realizes that he's moving....but that little potato bug trick is becoming an obsession of his, and he has no idea why or how he got on his side.  Where did the ceiling go??  For a fellow that can have long conversations with the ceiling fan, this can be confusing.  (Also, this outfit has lost it's poo mojo.  Tomorrow will mark the 1 week anniversary of his last dirty diaper, and I am NOT happy.  But he's more not happy than me.)

carrying Coren on her back

Also, Aunt LoLo has found a new way to transport babies.  It looks very...protective.  He's like a turtle!

One other amazing benefit of living close to family...especially intrepid the ability to sneak out for an hour BY MY SELF.  Normally, I don't leave my babies for about a year.  But this was something special- I visited our temple.  (Oh yeah, and I cut my hair.  Myself.  It was easy, I just grabbed chunks of hair and worked around my head, cutting them the same length as the chunks next to them.  Maybe next time I'll try and get more sleep before I attempt this??)

outside the temple

This post is kind of rambling, I know....and it perfectly matches my mental state, haha!  I've spent most mornings this week running damage control on things I forgot to do or say the day before.  Whoops.  


Aunt LoLo said...

It is Wednesday night. Day Camp is halfway done. I've got one thing to say.


Anonymous said...

Your hair is beautiful and that baby is darling. :) I've been thinking about doing a little diy to my hair as well... but I haven't worked up the guts yet.

Su said...

Aww... you are a lucky gal to be living close to family indeed. Looking good! I cut my own hair too, but it's super long, so it's not difficult :) Easier than dragging myself to the hairdresser's :)

Alexandra said...

He's soooo cute! That's a great picture. I miss those blanket play days. I remember when my son began getting mobile, he'd roll himself from one end of the room to the other. So funny!

I cut my hair as well. I cut it very short in the back. I'm glad it came out nicely, because I was just blindly hacking away at chunks of hair which I pulled forward. I've got curl, so it's forgiving. I like your hair cut - great job.