Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Day at Home

Just a quiet day at home.  A little "journaling" to remember these days!

Baby fell asleep at 10 last night, and I went to bed at 11.

Baby woke up at 3, and went back to sleep at 4:30.

Husband's alarm went off at 4:30
Husband's alarm went off at 4:40.
Husband's alarm went off at 4:50
Husband's alarm went off at 5:00.

Mimi got out of bed at 5:00, wanting new pajamas.  No.  I tucked her back into bed.

Husband's alarm went off at 5:10.
Husband's alarm went off at 5:20.  I think he must have had a REALLY late night last night, working!
Husband got in shower.

Both girls were up at 6:00.  Husband turned on cartoons for them before he left for work.

Mimi came in at 6:30.  "Can we watch another cartoon?"  Yes.

Mimi came in at 7:00.  "Can we watch another cartoon?"  Yes.

7:30, I got out of bed, and made breakfast for everyone.  (Leftover waffles, yum!)

8:00, first piano lesson of the day

8:30 Ernie's piano lesson. We learned about quarter notes today!  I love her piano series, not least because it actually instilled a sense of rhythm in her, in about 3 months time.  Impressive!

9:00, I took my shower.

9:30 started a batch of bread, and did some work on Rae's Spring Sewing Week.  Last day to enter your spring tops!  Roughly half of all the tops entered in the competition have come in the last 3 days.


10:00, baby woke up for the morning.  He ate, and I got the girls going on some workbooks.


10:30, did a little something with my hair.  Mimi says I have LoLo hair now!  Yes Mims, it looks very short :)

no-heat curls

11:00, bread went in the oven.  Baby is playing on his mat.

on the playmat

11:30, lunch!  Is hot, fresh wheat bread with butter and brown sugar healthy?   Hmm.

12:00, baby eats again, falls back asleep.

12:15, put baby down in his crib, collect the girls from the front room for their naps- they're currently "cows" and mooing very loudly.

12:30 Turned off the girls' light, after reading them each a story.  Hope they sleep, they OUGHT to be tired!  Worked on figuring out billing snafus in the piano studio for last month, and getting all the receipts sent out.  OK, WHEN exactly are all these makeup lessons going to be scheduled?  And they need to happen before the recital?  Yikes.  I think I might need to hire a sitter for an afternoon and just pump everyone through!

1:30 Ernie is DONE with reading, and has come out to tell me she loves me (three times), beg for a piece of candy (alright), and work on her workbook some more.  I'm still sorting through piano studio messes, and e-mail back and forth with Aunt LoLo about recital details.  One family is owed FIVE makeup lessons from throughout the year!  One family hasn't paid!  One family paid double for their books!  TWO families aren't even on my e-mail distribution list, mysteriously enough.  I'm waiting for the next photo moderator to come online and enter more of the last minute entries for Rae's contest, so I can send them out in batches of 10 to the judges.  (I've kind of been up since 3...I'm thinking I should have taken a nap, and worried about studio business later tonight...but I have a presidency meeting for the Young Women's organization tonight, and hope to go to sleep when I get home, assuming Baby will fall asleep in the car on the way back!)  Oh, and Ernie still thinks my hair looks cool.

1:35 Baby is starting to make war whoop noises. I think he's awake!

2:30 Everyone is up, two diapers have been changed, baby's eaten again, and I'm making strawberry-spinach smoothies for snack.  The girls insist they're chocolate, because of the color...but they drink it all!  Hooray for leafy greens!  Smoothie was frozen strawberries, frozen spinach, orange-flavored Metamucil, brown sugar, and water.

3:00 Girls are playing music in the front room on ALL the percussion instruments, baby is chilling on his mat again, I'm paying bills and getting things ready to put in the mailbox.  I'll send Ernie across the street to put everything in the box, she LOOVES doing that chore.  I will watch from the window.

3:15, nurse the baby, put him down for another nap.

3:30, start first afternoon piano lesson, and the girls come tearing into the room.  "Mom!  We want a snack!"  What about that smoothie I just made?  Not a snack?  Alright, send them out the door with a bowl of corn chips, and a promise they will PLAY OUTSIDE IN THE SUNSHINE.  Sunshine is hard to come by around here, OK?

4:00 start second lesson, girls turn on their cartoons, and I hear a gasp from Mimi.  She comes to me with hand extended "Mommy!  I stuck my hand in my pants!"  Fist full of poo.  Wow.  That's a first!  Student is totally not fazed, he keeps playing his song while I head off to disinfect my child.

4:30 start third and final afternoon lesson.  Beyond baby waking up, pretty uneventful!  I put him in the swing next to the girls, so Elizabeth can push him.

5:00 nurse the baby again.

5:30, throw some rice in the cooker and pull all the bok choi I can find out of the fridge.  Realize my kids are never in a million years going to eat that choi, and dig around for sliced cucumbers.  I realize their lives are one big carbo load.  

6:00 Daddy gets home.  Serve steamed rice, leftover ratatouille, sliced cucumbers, and stir-fried bok choi with oyster sauce.  Five veggies on the table, and my kids eat white rice with yoshi sauce.  Ernie had a few slices of cucumber, and a "no thank you" bite of choi.  (She had her "no thank you" ratatouille last night.) I'm going to have to be happy with the fact that Mimi did not throw a fit about the vegetables I placed in her bowl- for now, merely allowing them to stay in the bowl IS her best effort I think.  

6:30 Throw the girls in the bath!  Experimental head dunking of Elizabeth resulted in water inhalation.  I need to go Google what the repercussions of that are.  I feed the baby one more time.  SO glad Daddy is home, the girls actually get their hair washed tonight!  He even does the de-tangler and hair brush!

7:30, girls are out of the bath and mostly dressed.  We read scriptures in their room.

8:00 leave for a presidency meeting

10:00 leave presidency meeting

10:15 Pick up my husband's bike from a friend's house.

10:30 HOME.  Put the sleeping baby in his room, download a few pictures, and I'm going to bed :)

Do you ever just make a list of everything you do in a day, to see what happened?


Aunt LoLo said...

Oh. My. Gosh. I just left a HONKIN' comment about my day...and blogger ate it.

Not cool, Google. NOT cool.

ElizaO said...

Hi, and yes! I actually just did one a short while ago because I figure its good to look back and actually see where all that time goes and remember the little things of our lives as well as all that big stuff! Thanks so much for sharing yours, sounds like you have a beautiful family!

Tammy said...

Nice work! I am glad I am not the only mother who feeds her daughters carbs on an almost exclusive basis... I always offer other stuff... why is it so terrible to have a bit of chicken or beef? For that manner, why does my daughter want to dip everything in ketchup? Looks like you were super busy, and didn't freak out about the poop incident... A+ day for you!

Bobbi Lewin said...

You wore me out! I'm really impressed that you were able to do the hair twist by yourself. I can barely manage to round brush my own hair;)

Sam said...

Good lord, girl, I have to go lie down now that I've read that diary. If I ever wondered if I was up for more than one child, now I've got my answer. Thanks for sharing! :)