Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Way Back Machine

Mom and Dad stopped by the other day, with an enormous box- seems I packed up some treasures in middle school, shoved the box under the stairs in the crawl space, and forgot about that.

Let's take a look at a few things!

Oh Ken. Ohhhhh Ken. Turquoise and pink, with a bow tie. Halter-style jumpsuit. BACKLESS jumpsuit. White shoes.

Why, Ken? Why?

Pretty, pretty pony. Curly pink mane, a horn through her ear (is she playing "Unicorn dress up"?)

If I say this was all the rage in 2nd grade, can you tell me what year it was? I also remember two girls having a show down one day- they argued the day before about who had the biggest "parachute" pants, like MC Hammer had. They both wore them the next day, and the loser was quite huffy about it. (Yes- those are blue bubbles, in a glass bottle, on a string. Yes, I wore it to school as a necklace. No, I have NO idea why I saved it!) We also were really big into "slap bracelets" in our school, and quite a few girls had New Kids On The Block posters, sleeping bags, etc. MC Hammer was big, too...oh man. Somehow slap bracelets, bubble necklaces, and neon shoes were all the farther that pop culture made it into my life. We were too busy listening to U2, Janet Jackson, Tears for Fears, FYC, Men at Work, Peter Gabriel, etc. to listen to pop music! Mom, your taste in music rocks, and always has. I was too busy reading to pay attention to much of anything else, too! Haha- I'm probably the only girl I know who was reading Jane Eyre, Robin Hood, and Little Princess in elementary school :)

The pony is the only toy I've passed on to Ernie. There were two boxes of barbies and barbie clothes...but I looked at those clothes, looked at those fully-grown dolls...and I just couldn't hand them to my five-year-old. Call me a snob, call me head-in-the-clouds, but I want my little girl to play with little girl toys. And knowing that they'd be naked most of the time, because 3/4 of the fun of dolls is dressing them, and Barbies are easy to undress and near impossible to RE-dress...well, I just can't have those hussies laying out in the play room.
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Casey said...

Ha ha ha! Love the outfit Ken. ;)

We ditched our Barbies too and it's been great. I hate those things!

Sam said...

Oh, that is too awesome. Just saw Toy Story 3 and there are all these jokes about Ken's clothes and no outfits quite as awesome as your jumpsuit Ken.

And "unicorn dress up?" I love it! :)

Yeah, we have naked Barbies everywhere. There's one in my car in the moment. It does make me shudder to see her lying there on the floor. ;)

Arwyn said...

My Little Ponies! My best friend and I used to put ours together, line them up, and stage mock-battles with them.

Uh. We were six.

And I'll join you in the 'too busy for pop' club -- Huck Finn in the second grade and onward from there, and my dad's record collection (the Beatles, the Who, Supertramp, Queen, Don McLean) beat out any pop music invading our house.

Aunt LoLo said...

Oh, KEN. Why?! For the love of all that is non-eye-searing, WHY??!

I found a box on my porch that night. Not NEARLY as fun...but just as many memories. ;-)

Elizabeth G. said...

Myrnie - Are you joking? Was that really Ken's outfit or Barbie's? Haha. Have you seen Toy Store 3 yet? YOu have GOT to see that!

I loved looking at your things. I love momento boxes, stuffed with wonderful remembrances.

Thanks for sharing!

Alexandra said...

LOL, thanks for the giggle this afternoon. I've got "vintage" ponies(yardsale years ago) for my daughter. I love those ponies even though they didn't have them around when I was little. I'm hoping she'll want the pony castle to go with it.

Ken needs heels. ;)

Bobbi Lewin said...

We've been experiencing the "way back machine" here too during my visit with the family. Ours is in the form of boxes of photos, and finding things tucked here and there that I remember from my childhood. So much fun:)

Mama Papaya said...

Why Ken? Why? Big giggle from down south.